I’ve been Proselytized!

A nurse at work told me yesterday I seem like a believer. Are you? I said no, I don’t believe in any gods at all. Nothing. She got a puzzled eyebrows raised look on her face for just a second and told me “wow I’m surprised. You just seem so nice and have that way about you”. I guess you were all supposed to look like monsters. (not sure who to credit here. Got it from Bill’s site at badatheist)

We had a nice conversation though and she offered me the best book she ever read that convinced her to Jesus. She was so sure I just hadn’t had it explained to me proper. (Just what I want to read. More apologetics). Let me be honest I said. I won’t read it. I’ve read a ton of them and I just don’t believe any of it. Not a lot of atheist in my neck of the woods(at least that will admit it). I’m pretty sure I was her first based on her stutter. I gave her my top three reasons and she bore me her conversion story. It was all pleasant enough, but she couldn’t really grasp the fact that I’m just not interested at all. Nunca


Author: jimoeba

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12 thoughts on “I’ve been Proselytized!”

  1. A nurse at work told me yesterday I seem like a believer. Are you?

    My normal response to this is: “My religious beliefs are private and personal. I hope you can respect that.” In my experience, that usually ends the discussion.

    Many people seem to think that “atheist” is a synonym for “evil”. So best to go with some tactical ambiguity.

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  2. Isn’t it interesting? I have been called a good one by friends who got to know me long before learning of my religious beliefs and atheistic conclusions. All you others need to cross over to the good, nice, kind, and loving atheism and join me. Oh, and Amazon is having a sale on a moral compass, if you need one.

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  3. I’ve had that happen, too. Once, walking down the street, a proselytizer for, I think it was Krishna, approached me. We talked a little – you know, the introductory niceties. Then he asked of my beliefs. I told him I’m an atheist and he took a step back! He said I seemed too nice to be an atheist. I quoted The Friendly Atheist – “Atheists are nice. Get used to it.” He didn’t laugh, unfortunately!
    I don’t know – I go back and forth between not saying that ‘evil’ word but just continue being as good a human as I can as opposed to saying the word as often as it’s relevant just to lessen the terrifying impact of it, you know?
    Maybe I’ll just keep on going back and forth and call it my Tactical Ambiguity!

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  4. I asked a believer once if believing in the face of contrary evidence is intelligent and she said it wasn’t. She then tried to convince me her feelings regarding her beliefs trumped evidence.

    Belief is a choice, in the face of contrary evidence!

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