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I went through this as a kid. Finally some awareness to a horrible practice in the Mormon church. Please take a minute to read some of these testimonials highlighted at the bottom of the article. Sign the petition if you feel inclined. Although I no longer am affiliated with the mormons, I think it’s important to protect these innocent kids until they have the ability to get out of this mess. This is an embarrassing part of my childhood and important to get this out there. Thanks everyone. I think you’d be surprised how long this has been going on. Happened to me in the 70’s.


Author: jimoeba

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4 thoughts on “Off The Wall Here”

  1. This stuff is scary. I’ve seen a decent amount of testimonials from former LDS members, but I’ve never heard about this until now. It really should be the first thing mentioned by any person who has left the church.


    1. We grew up with this and it just seemed required. Not til later do you realize how inappropriate it was. It really took an outsider to point out what it was like. Imagine going to a priest as a child and closing the door to talk about masturbation and porn with you. Hell no! That’s what happens though. It’s the root of the interview for worthiness.


    1. He is pretty cool. I’m not sure where his head is, but he certainly appears ready to call the bluff. Btw, my letter to him was one of the earliest. I wrote it the day I read his post.

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