Christians Unaware

Evidently I have the light and don’t even know it. Jesus is working through me, and I don’t even know it. Twice this week I had brief discussions about my non belief, and twice my mere countenance was attributed to Jesus working through me. And I would be a Christian if I understood the message. I am a “Christian unaware”. (Billy the kid 2nd left in a rare photo with Pat Garret on right)

But see the reason I’m not Christian is that I do understand the doctrine. I also understand the control mechanisms at work. I also understand that if I pray, nothing ever happens unless you look really hard for subtle non existent hints that your prayer was answered in some way other than what you wanted. For your own good. I also know I can get spiritual followers by telling big emotional lies that mimic the spirit. I also understand that to make sense of it takes a lot of hairsplitting explanations and then you have to just decide to believe it because that is the only way it makes sense.

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20 thoughts on “Christians Unaware”

  1. I’ve been to a Nazarene, baptist, catholic, four square, Pentecostal, mega church, Mormon church and a plain run of the mill nondenominational church. I’ve learned that the saying, “each nut job with his theme” is true.

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    1. I can imagine. I found the most real people here if all places. Truth tellers and good folks with no pretense or fakey piousness. Plus I learn a lot from some of these guys

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      1. I like real people. Why is it that just holding a conversation with a zealot is like battle? Everything gets turned into either a testimony or an attempt to convert.


        1. Everything is geared towards getting you to attend. When you say now way not ever, they are no longer your friend. Boy I found that out real fast


          1. Then count yourself amongst the blessed. (Sarcasm) I found the Mormons to be the most pious of the lot. If you don’t have a calling to keep you too busy to actually think then you aren’t very obedient and find yourself low man on the totem pole. You must work and pay while not questioning in order to make it to the whitest waiting room in the world. Don’t even get me started in the temple and all that nonsense.


            1. It is embarrassing to me now that I went along with it. I kept thinking “am I missing something here”? Yes. I was. That bullshit can be white


  2. Remember, with different sects of religions there are different levels and styles of piety. Let’s not just pick on the ones in our backyard. Even though it is slightly amusing.

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        1. I’d like to see you there I suppose. If there was one. I paid a lot over my life, but in LDS you have to endure to the end or you won’t be saved. Kind of a “what have you done for me lately ” church

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            1. I really tried to believe it. Was raised in it. Thank Jesus for the internet and really finding my groove after all the bs. Kolob Lol. What a joke make it up as you go Joe Smith


  3. Even if you don’t believe it, it is true… /sarcasm

    I get things like that all the time. “You may not love god, but he loves you”. “If you just read the bible”, “Holy Cow!” (I just threw in the Holy Cow for fun). While I get this mostly from Christians, I can’t see how someone can be blind to the fact that we have a multitude of religious beliefs in the world and on top of that, different worldviews and philosophies.


        1. I can see the congregations heads nodding, pondering a moment, and shouting YES!! Those bad people can never take away the truth of my bible!


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