Jesús Viene

(Jesus is Coming) According to a coworker of mine, almost every local, national, or world event is opening another seal, or relates to 1 of 4 horseman or a prophetic fulfillment. I believe him a lot because of the TBN podcasts he listens to all the time. And I mean all the time. So he really knows. He’s actually super smart, and he wrote a letter to president Obama, and now Trump. Still waiting to hear back but his warning about the coming apocalypse needs to be heard by the higher ups. Why does he do this? Two reasons. God spoke to him. The train blared its horn right when he said amen to a prayer he was offering. That was a sign. And 2, he’s worried about us. He’s not worried for himself because he is going to he taken up. Miss the whole thing. But really, what a nice guy.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

3 thoughts on “Jesús Viene”

  1. You should sell him Rapture insurance. Since you’re a heathen now, someone’s going to need to take care of his pet after he gets whisked away into his loving savior’s arms. For a modest fee every month, he can be assured that you’ll take care of his four-legged companions while he’s in Heaven.

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    1. I heard the pope say about a year ago that all animals go to heaven too. This guy probably hasn’t heard that since he pays good money to TBN each month and el papa doesn’t get covered there

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