Izapa Stela 5 and Folklore

The Book of Mormon tells of a vision story about tree of life. Izapa Stela 5 resembles the story, as it contains the depiction of a tree and some human characters found on a large stone in the mesoamericana region of Izapa, Mexico. LDS’s finally found some concrete evidence giving validity to the book of mormon and prior to any unbiased research or confirmation the news spread like wildfire through the church. Firesides and research papers breathed a collective sigh of relief and wonder as the church now had its medal of proof for validation in the religious world. Aha! Told you we’d find proof!!Happy members! Happy happy members. Uh, not so fast. While one Mormon scholar translated the glyph and even the corresponding characters to match the book of mormon and names of the characters on a 2000 year old relic, other top, independent researchers were inconclusive about the meaning of the stone. But like most un-news, the correction never made the rounds like the initial report. To this day, since the first translation in 1941, to subsequent attempt most recent 1976, no conclusions have been made. Now if they could only find that darn DNA they need from the natives!


Author: jimoeba

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9 thoughts on “Izapa Stela 5 and Folklore”

    1. Thank you. My prior life was deep in mesoamerican archeology. Religious though are quick to claim proof by unprovable evidence.

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    2. Pasta is shaped this way due to the deep subconscious DNAeticlally driven past life memory of our evolution. This is no accident. It’s all prior programming

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    3. Also John. I am expecting your first book to arrive today. I always do things out of order it seems.


  1. The DNA will not be found because the church members are not yet worthy of such evidence and knowledge. All must be in good standing and pay full tithe before receiving this blessed gift of evidence.
    Maybe they should look for the evidence in Italy since the pasta shaped like DNA is a clue and a guiding compass. There are signs everywhere we just need to be worthy to recognize them.
    My spouse left penne pasta on the counter to make for dinner tonight. I wonder if that is a clue for me?


    1. Oh that’s right. The rest of the book of mormon is sealed too, until we are ready to receive it. If no proof is found we’ll make some

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