Smug if by Faith

Recently looking at a little bit of Mel Wild, and just ran into this comment thread where John Z got gamed by this dude up above (in his own mind). He claimed victory several times, ignored questions, and was generally wrong about everything, but he backed it up with the hard, solid evidence of faith. He smugly won the day, and no amount of reason could sway his internal victory as the checkmates rolled off his keyboard. As instructed in the thread, I have prayed about it in Zande’s behalf. I also took the liberty to bless his food. I got the answer I desired by randomly opening the Old Testament, and in miraculous, ambiguous fashion from forgers inspired by god I was made to see the light. The post and comments is exactly why children don’t play ball in the men’s league. No matter the score, we can all claim victory! This was a painful display of zeal without knowledge. I could only guess, but is Banyon from the US where hanging on to disproved myth is a badge of honor? I have a relative that just knows what she knows. No amount of overwhelming evidence can shake that. No sound reasoning can spoil it. “Be humble. You might be wrong” only applies to the faithless I suppose.

ps.. I would link the thread but is just too painful. If you missed it, lucky you.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

5 thoughts on “Smug if by Faith”

  1. Threads like Mel’s are not exactly healthy for many people who leave the faith. There’s a lot of unjustified trashing and patently false things said about non-Christians. It’s an online version of the offline conversations I have with people of faith who are convinced their invisible friend is guiding humanity.

    Trying to have a discussion with people like that isn’t productive, especially when weighing in the extent of bad behavior they’re willing to practice just to tell themselves they’re right and the world is wrong.


    1. I was just really annoyed by the whole thing. The apprentice kid trying to teach the journeyman. Funny, sad, irritating, stupid and galling allnat the same moment. Lol

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      1. Getting underneath the skin is the intent of trolling. I encountered it a lot in online gaming (and those people were way better at it than anyone I’ve met on WordPress). Really, trolls are just after your attention.

        If you go over the exchange, I think you’ll see that bear out.

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  2. They are always so damnably, smugly, sure of themselves. It’s almost as if they believe their beliefs trump facts and reason. Oh wait, it is exactly like that.


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