Believers and Bernoulli’s Principle

Misapplied evidence of god. An old friend from school was in an accident a couple of days ago. I have to share this thread and comments.

With everything I’ve endured the past 3 yrs. I was beginning to wonder “WHY” oh Lord is ALL this happening to me!!!!!! Questioning where is God in all of this. For those who know me, my faith has never wavered in these trying times, until this accident. I’m at my breaking point!!! Asking “why me Lord” what the hell have I done to deserve ALL of this shit!!!!!! Until this morning…..I was sitting on our front patio looking@our water feature,which has 3 staggered height rocks and there sat 3 hummingbirds, yes 3😲 3 male hummingbirds, for 1 they are extremely territorial and always chase each other off, but there they all sat drinking the water for what seemed like an eternity!!!!! My mouth was wide open@this amazingly beautiful, spectacular reminder that the Lord is ALWAYS with me through EVERYTHING❤️For me, the 3 hummingbirds was such an obvious sign of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, right there in plain sight, just for me!!!!!! It was the most spiritual experience that I will forever hold onto💞 Here’s some comments– I commented in Latin “SanctaeTrinitatus ad Avem“. (The Bird Trinity). She replies “oh Jim, that’s beautiful”. Hehe.

Asimov shares an example of misapplied. This from The Ratliff Notepad is part of the old Asimov speech. We are the stagecoach people. We can show the obvious, but the tales are memorized from childhood, and they should have never left it. Why does this matter? This codependent behavior with god hamstrings the faithful and stunts their progress. She has the power to take control of her life. Her situation has not changed, but her attitude has. How much time wasted, waiting, hoping, that god will come fix this mess, when we have the power to do it ourselves?


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16 thoughts on “Believers and Bernoulli’s Principle”

  1. It’s good to know that a deity can make three male hummingbirds get along while doing fuck all for kids with bone cancer. Her faith is more important for divine intervention than the one in five children living in poverty here in the States, not to mention the other kids dying of starvation around the world. Such amazing miracles make it soooo hard for apostates like me to not want to go to church immediately.

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      1. I admit I did put things a tad bluntly, but whenever I see people bragging about personal miracles, it’s only gotten worse for me over time. If a divine entity can put Jesus’s face on toast, why can’t it give that piece of toast to someone who needs it? Of course, the faithful keep reminding me and other former Christians that this isn’t how it’s supposed to work. And the ultimate question which never gets a straight answer is, “Why not?”

        I apologize if my earlier comment was inappropriate in any way. But I still feel strongly about it, and I think those of faith really need to deal with these consequences if they’re going to tell others that their deity will grant stupid wishes.


        1. Well thanks for that but I thought your analogy was appropriate. I feel pretty strongly about it too, but I guess etiquette is always a good idea. Civility is lost a lot of ground lately.

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        2. To clarify SB. I showed her my post. Not your comment. I just got it. I like your honesty. I only showed her the hummingbird story. That’s when she made the crazy reaction. Lol

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          1. Although I’m okay with anyone reading whatever comments I leave out there on the Internet, generally speaking I try to avoid four-letter words when younger people are involved.

            It’s good that your daughter can recognize the silliness in the divine “evidence” posted on Facebook and elsewhere.


    1. My favorite meme as of late is Jesus sitting at the computer checking to see if the sick child has enough likes for him to save him. I know what you mean. Prayers (too late) shares are funny. My dad is old and on Facebook now. If someone tells him to share he feels like he has to. I get all kinds of that shit in my feed. Lol

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      1. If you pray hard and put a statue of St. Anthony in your house you will find lost items faster as you recheck all the areas you might have left them. Or you might just find them anyway.

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        1. We had some friends on FB ask for everyone to pray they could find their keys. They eventually found them in grandmas purse. Praise god!!

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