Sometimes a Stranger is Fiction

I got a flat tire last year on a remote gravel road, and as I was changing my tire an old blue sedan came barreling up the road. I called to my dog but he was so engrossed in a hunt for field mice he wouldn’t hear me. Right as the car approached my dog bolted my way across the road and bam! The car never slowed down or stopped. My dog laid in the ditch. He was dead. I sat there. I think most of you have lost a pet before. No explanation can tell you how devastated I was. I cried. I prayed. God help me. After a little while had passed I collected myself enough to finish my tire, and just as I was about done my dog licked the back of my neck. I was in shock. In complete joy. How? No way! As I held Roger I saw a man hurry across the road and down a steep embankment. I shouted “hey”! I ran to the edge where I last saw him and he was gone. Nothing. I knew what I had seen. I knew my dog was now alive and not a scratch on him. God had sent his holy angel to help me. Thank you Jesus thank you Jesus. God hears our prayers, and in our most desperate times he is here for us. To comfort. To heal. To help.

Should I post this story on Facebook and ask for likes, amens, or shares. I could strengthen testimonies with a story like this. The problem is … it is just a story. Total fabrication. While most church stories contain a wee bit of truth, I’ve seen first hand how they grow bigger and better with time.

The churchers and their preachers embellish nearly everything they say to tug at your emotions then attribute it to god. And I’m not even close to exaggerating here. Just last week god the father and the son and the Holy Spirit visited a friend of mine in the form of three hummingbirds! What the hell do you say to that? If people are looking for miracles, they’ll get them. Or see birds. (Below is the area where none of this occurred)


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

7 thoughts on “Sometimes a Stranger is Fiction”

  1. I think you’re right; nobody’s going to care if it’s shown to be fiction or not. That it exists will be enough to convince people that it must be true. Even including the disclaimer with the story might not help.

    Also, I told a friend of mine about the hummingbirds. His response was, “Those hummingbirds were gay.” It would explain why they were all able to coexist on the same water fountain. You should let your friends who believe the hummingbird miracle know that.

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    1. I should’ve caught that, although that would be the ultimate crush on her right wing beliefs. A gay trinity would be the ultimate blasphemy. You are a blasphemic expert my friend

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  2. Wouldn’t be nice IF there was a god who looked after all people and animals regardless of color, religious beliefs or lack of, ethnicity and all creatures regardless of their “use” and beauty, not to mention the natural earth itself and all it’s glory. Of course this is fantasy just like your story. This is all up to us, folks and that requires taking full responsibility and a good and selfless heart. I don’t see this happening.

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    1. It would be nice Mary. We do need responsibility in a big way. The church peeps are waiting for Jesus to come fix things. He ain’t coming. We have the power in us already


  3. People pray for a miracle instead of rolling up their sleeves and tackling the issues at hand.
    It’s easier to ask for stuff instead of work for it. It’s easier to curse their higher power instead of seeing that they themselves can make things better or move on.
    Those who must share their testimony are often trying to convince themselves. That’s just been my experience. I find it tedious holding a conversation with people that are limp in character and thought. Those who must have a sign and pray before making a decision. Can’t they just say that they need time to ponder the pros and cons?
    I find these are the people who hold onto religion in a feverish way so as to expel the devil within them. I just sit back and watch the show.

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