Free Jeep Rental $50

Cozumel is usually a pretty good idea. We stayed at an all inclusive resort with the dive club, and of course while you’re in they try to get you to the timeshare presentation. Usually I won’t go to these, but we had nothing going on for the day so we figured “what the heck”? Get a free jeep for the next day and just say no to everything in the sales pitch. What could it hurt?

I’m a math guy on just about everything, so I did the calculations and we could buy this timeshare for what we were already paying as regular guests. Not a great deal. It was like the Outlaw Josie Wales and Ten Bears. ” I’m ain’t promising you anything extra”. So we walk with our Jeep coupon and the next day go to the counter. With tax and other fees it was $50. $50 for a free Jeep. Hey! This reminds me of church! We had to pay for something you’re supposed to get free. Being an exmo, going to long boring meetings and was a way of life, and getting pressured to do things you don’t want to do is really the way of life. In the end, what was supposed to be free from jesus cost 10% of your income or no blessings. No exaltation, no temple marriage, no important callings. Nada. It’s the equivalent of buying free tap water. Pretty good scheme.

Many thanks to everyone here for sharing your insight, knowledge, and cynical as hell anti- religious wisdom. WP was a big part of my deconversion.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

10 thoughts on “Free Jeep Rental $50”

  1. Pastors, preachers and churches want and need your money. They can’t live by faith alone. I mean, look at how Jesus lived right? I’m sure he walked around selling salvation at the price of “almost free”
    No tithe and no blessings will come your way. Joel Osteen sure showed us how quick he was to help. He didn’t dig into his piggy bank either from what I understand. He asked for more donations once he was shamed into taking in the little people. Then his congregation collectively turned a blind eye to his behavior. What a great blind flock.

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  2. Free isn’t always as free as advertised. Well, you did attend a time share presentation, so……. OK, I apologize if that was overly harsh, no offense intended to you sir.
    The late George Carlin said it best about religion and money; “God needs money”. I was a long time heathen/pagan/atheist when I first heard him do that bit. I found it so funny that the supposed creator of everything, according to the holly buy-bull, could not manage her/his/its finances.
    We know the priest class does need money though. How else can they live and do zero useful real work? I am certain that the main purpose of organized religion is so that a class of mostly men, can live in great comfort and do next to zero useful work ever. It is also why I am 100% certain that organized religion is the absolute worst of all human inventions. Of course I am just an old, broken down former US Marine/Vietnam war vet and a former machinist who is a heathen/pagan/atheist or whatever label you care to toss at me. I AM a sarcastic/cynical SOB and have legal documents to prove that I am an SOB.
    Just my $0.02, adjusted for inflation, now worth maybe $0.0000015397254

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    1. Walt if you weren’t cynical I’d think someone took over your keyboard! Your crotchety old SOB remarks are always welcome on my site. Asshole

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        1. Yes. When they were sent out on missions to foreign lands he could test their faith while sampling the waters.


  3. Interesting how when I was younger I thought little of that ten percent. But now I know it’s a lot and I can see it better because I left. Had I stayed, I would have given it gladly even as an adult. Smh

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  4. In the last 3 years since my excommunication, I have saved 5 figures. Substantial for a 64-year-old with no financial retirement to speak of!

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