Another End is Just Around the Corner

Just got off the phone with a baptist-gringo buddy of mine in Panama and the end of the world is most likely 2018. According to him and his sources, Edgar Cayce, Baba Vanga, and Nostradamus all have pointed to 2018 as the destruction year. The west coast will disappear and the east coast will have just a handful of people left. They said this 4.5 earthquake off the coast of Panama last week was proof all the upheaval is starting. They are not worried. In their smugness they believe they’ll be taken up in rapture, but they do fear for their non-christian friends. I poured through a days worth of ambiguity with the eye of the sceptic and to my surprise I found nothing to suggest what the devout followers of these prognosticators predict. If you read the actual prophecies… Nothing. Could be’s and if’s is all you need with a devotee. My life has been filled with warnings and predictions that never happened. If the modern day Glen Becks of the world were correct, the whole thing would’ve been over years ago. If you’re looking for the end you might find it sifting though miles of ambiguity, you could listen to your favorite summarizer in the hope that jesus will come and save the world. Just like preachers preaching. Read it on your own and you find a lot of nothing but fallacy. They actually believe this crap. To be reasonable we need to rid the world of soothsayer religious alarmism and get to work. It’s all up to us. Jesus ain’t coming to fix it.

Earthquake prone region in the ring of fire


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16 thoughts on “Another End is Just Around the Corner”

  1. Odd that all of these predictions that meet the deadline, and then go without incident, never seems to deter doomsday predicitons. It’s always “well humph, nothing happened” then sooner than later here we go again.

    Must be something to do with the kool aid they have been drinking.

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    1. I know. They told me Obama was the last Us president we’d ever have. I asked what happened when trump took office and they said their prayers were answered and god held off the punishment.

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  2. I was thinking that if a major catastrophe like WWIII were to occur, the end time hopefuls would be frothing at the mouth in arrogance of their specialness and favor. But they might begin to wonder when they and their buddies were not “taken up” before or right after.

    And when the randomness of the good, the bad and the ugly, in who died and who survived became apparent, would they have doubts?
    And then the long long wait for a return that was never going to happen…would that make them rethink this whole mindset?

    I doubt it. I believe they’d spin it always, as god’s will and his acting in mysterious ways. For whatever reason, they can’t let it go.

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  3. I recall the last crank who said the world was going to end in 2012. His name was Harold Camping. And on that fateful day I was driving from North Carolina to Rhode Island. The world didn’t end.


  4. It isn’t just that every one of these critters have been wrong that gets me, it’s the fact that their followers keep following them, no matter how many times they are wrong. Now, OK, I was just a machinist during my post USMC working life, but if I was following some guru and the clown was wrong every time, after his second wrong guess, I’d quit the moron. Actually, I am not much of a follower. I am not a leader either. I have warned any and all who said they wanted to follow me, they do so at their own risk. See, I have no idea where I’m going. When I get there, and you follow me, but don’t like where I end up. Well, that is your tough luck. Or, as i have said on my own insignificant blog, tough beans and hard cheese. You make a choice to follow me, don’t cry about where you end up. If I don’t like where I end up, that is MY fault, but if you follow me there, that is YOUR fault.
    Nasty dumbass never was my cup of tea and that Edgar critter was a fraud. My opinion, others may vary.

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    1. If you had 30,000 predictions you’d be right sometimes too. Me too. People that follow this stuff have a thinking problem


  5. I was actually thinking about this apocalyptic talk especially now that the new year is coming up. Now I am working on a post for new year’s day because I am pretty confident the world won’t end on the midnight of 31st Dec (or is of 1st Jan?). Well, depending on what time zone you are in.

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    1. Don’t do it too late. If the rapture comes I wouldn’t want to miss one last thought from my favorite dr


  6. I’m 34 and have survived the end of the world countless times by now.

    One thing I’ve learned…

    Mayan Calendars are more trustworthy to theists than modern scientists. 2012was totally credible to many of them but climate change is a hoax…

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    1. Yes. And the fire season being 2 months longer means nothing. They also say you can’t tell what was going on 1000’s of years ago by some fossil, but the minute it looks a little religious it was the shroud of Jesus. Lol. I like your way of thinking. Thanks for stopping by

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  7. Which information? This was a conversation I had with a friend. If you have a specific question I’d be happy Robert and answer it


  8. This kind of *cough cough* “reasoning” has given us “Ancient Aliens” on the History Channel! Total malarky full of “if this then that” with no foundation for the initial If.


    1. I was a FARMS (Maxwell institute) subscriber and big on Mormon apologetics. Interestingly in my quest to fit into mainstream Christianity and the similarities, I also learned all of their arguments, then tweaked them into Mormonism. Learning there was no god was a switch flip and from day one I could hold my ground in any argument. At least all that knowledge is useful now.

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