Acronyms and DSRD

I was training a newly hired EMT to enter his reports in the computer, and shortly after writing a practice report we got a call to go out for an MVC. We transported a minor injury patient to the hospital and since the new guy tech’d the call, he wrote the notes. Medical people use a ton of acronyms, and as I was reviewing his report I noticed some strange ones I’d never seen before. He stated ” PT found in FPS, A/O X4 PWD, airway intact. Pt with MLLUA and ALSOF. I thought “huh”? I called him back to the office for a minute to explain. “Oh, FPS is front passenger seat”. And MLLUA is mild laceration left upper arm”, and ALSOF is “abrasion left side of face”. I said “Aaron you can’t just make shit up on these reports. No one knows what these mean except you”. There is a long list of accepted acronyms and I gave him a copy to work from. Heres a small sample.

Aaron appears to be mixing religion and work here, since “make it up as you go” is a common tool for building credible rapport in the churches.

I’ve heard some faith promoting whoppers during my time in the church. I felt the spirit (emotion) over outright lies and fabrications. I’ve seen the faithful tie silly things together that show god is with them every step of the way. From found car keys to successful surgeries, god gets the credit. When things don’t go your way he gets a free pass. If uncle Eddy survives the heart attack,”praise god”! If he dies, god took him home to heaven. He knows what’s best for you. Right?

WARNING– What you about to read might cause you to think.

Preachers tell lies and twist stories to convince you that god is real and their religions are right. They desperately want you to believe what they believe. They will tell you things to drive your emotions. That feeling is not the spirit. It is a manipulation tactic to get devotion and keep you in faith to give themselves power and money. Do not believe it. You have been tricked by professionals that prey on people during vulnerable times in their lives. Do not buy it. You already possess everything they have to offer. It’s already in you. You can do this without the bs of a religious dogma. Waiting for god to answer your prayers is a waste of time. Time that could be spent working out your own future, free of charge and free of mental bondage.

DSRD = dumb stuff religions do

Faith + Fiction = Miracles. Here have a bible


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

6 thoughts on “Acronyms and DSRD”

  1. Holy crap! You just posted that preachers lie? Oh man, what are we going to do with you now? 20 lashes with a wet noodle? Make you go to bed without your ice cream? Somehow, some way, you must be punished for saying such a thing about those ‘godly’ critters.
    Yes, everything above was done in a very sarcastic way. I knew I was being lied to many long decades back. Nearly got excommunicated from the Lutheran church for asking a ‘very bad’ question. Dad knew, I told him outright, that I’d have worn that excommunication as a badge of honor. He just told me I no longer needed to attend church or Sunday school. Dad was my very first hero, but that day he went up even higher.

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    1. My dad is 85 now and still asks me about going to church every time we talk. It’s hard to break away when your whole long life has been church.


  2. Just a bit of extra information on my comment above. After I got home from my tour in the damn fool Vietnam war, I told Dad some of what I’d seen and done there. Not everything of course. There are some things I’ve never told anybody. Never will. If you were’t there, you cannot even begin to try to understand. If you were there, well, you know exactly what I mean.
    Any who, shortly after a few long discussions with dad about my war experiences as compared to his from WW2, he quit going to church also. He’d been going even after I nearly got booted out of habit and for the few real friends he’d made there. He sort of twisted my arm a bit to go with the rest of the family one time after my return to the states. I told him what I thought of the way the new preacher went about doing the service and he agreed, it was time for him to join me in no longer going and pretending to buy that stuff. By the way, my hero, Dad, died the Saturday in 1980 after ‘saint’ Ronnie was first elected as our acting POTUS. Oh, and in that movie with Ronnie and the chimp, Bonzo was THE star actor.

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    1. War is an eye opener for sure. My dad was in the Korean War but was a postman and then a welder. He never saw combat. He was a good old boy until mom got him churching full time in the late 60’s. He’s never looked outside the faith for any type of info. He’s is it thick. He’s happy though. Good for him I suppose. He is a great guy but always was. Now he’s a great guy a koolaid drinker

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    1. I think so. It would be nice if the kids could get past this and solve the real problems of the world that are hampered by belief in someone else coming to fix everything.


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