Evidence Evolving in Space

NASA has released some interesting data about Scott Kelly and his year-long stint at the ISS. Although more data will be forthcoming, early statements seem to chalk one up for the good guys. A drastic change of environment seems to accelerate some evolutionary processes. Here is a quote from NASA

“the chemical modifications that were seen in Scott’s DNA during the trip in space returned to normal once he came back to Earth. The same thing happened around the midpoint of the study for Mark’s end, which led scientists to believe that genes are actually sensitive to changing environments.

NASA found that there are hundreds of unique genetic mutations for both Scott and Mark”.

Also stated were changes in sizes and shapes of red and white blood cells.

Imagining the implications here I thought this was pretty big.


Author: jimoeba

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8 thoughts on “Evidence Evolving in Space”

  1. I’m utterly intrigued by these findings! Excited not only for the improvement and education of the extraterrestrial effects of no or low gravity living on the human body, but just as much the psychological and genetic effects, or in this case adaptation (evolution) of raw, courageous exploration/examination and those implications on antiquated Earthly methodologies, ideologies, and processes and symptoms of extinction from stagnation… mental, emotional, OR spiritual stagnation! 😛

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  2. Outer space, a spherical planet, astronauts, science, gravity, evolution, it’s all a big lie! I don’t know why NASA goes through all of the trouble to CGI this stuff in their super secret studio! A terrible waste of $$ that could be getting put in Republican pockets.

    I know all of this stuff cuz I just encountered a slobbering, flat earther, YEC, on Nan’s blog. So there!

    (Really though a cool study of genetic changes/adaptations experienced by our amazing brave men and women who dare to go where few would tread.)

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    1. He pushed the limits and knew his risk and went for it. Not sure if you caught the whole story but his hole body was fucked up for months.


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