Who are We Really?

Misconceptions about atheism are so common I sometimes feel like a minnow in a piranha pool. Mention you’re an atheist or humanist, and immediate visions of the horned immoral boogeyman appear in people’s heads. Who are we really? In your own words maybe give a line or two about what you think people should imagine when they hear the word “Atheist”.

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Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

17 thoughts on “Who are We Really?”

  1. This is my short answer. I’d say we’re individuals making our own way in the world seeking truth and enlightenment for the good of all mankind. Free from the mental chains of religion and guilt we can work towards equality for all by taking personal responsibility for our actions and for the good of the physical world we live in. Live life taking care of those in need and our planet.

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    1. The bottom line is always purest expression. With all the banter and head butting this is our core. Great reminder to stay on track with respect and decency. Thanks

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  2. I really like what Ubi said and I agree. I have no idea where I am going, so I always tell any who think they want to follow me, that they do so at THEIR own risk. When I get to where ever it is I am heading, I will probably be surprised. Any who follow me may be upset. Well, tough beans and hard cheese for them. I gave fair warning to them. I make my own way, live and let live, without making the others feel less than me for living as they do. With one huge caveat, if you do unlawful things, I will report that to the proper authorities or try to prevent such acts myself. Do no harm to other life. I do not need any doG to give me a moral code. Of course I am just an old, broken down heathen/pagan/atheist, SOB, so………..

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  3. I don’t like to think of atheists as a homogeneous group. For starters, some couldn’t care less for the question of God and what not while others (dubbed militant atheists) are constantly calling out religion on its BS and are very informed on the issues. Even more, there is no atheist Church or some other form of atheist dogma. Maybe a commitment to Sci and logic but that is no dogma. Atheists can be found anywhere on the spectrum of morality, intelligence, personality etc That said, I’d very much prefer for people to think of atheists as nothing more than people who don’t believe in God /gods or subscribe to any superstition cos really, that is all that can be said.

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    1. I am pretty laid back about it too. This blog is a great learning tool for me since I came to my conclusions alone in the jungle. I finally got tired of apologizing for religion and had some clarity time to think for myself. Seeing others reasons has enlightened me even more. Thanks Doc!

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  4. What people should imagine: Oh, dude (dudette) doesn’t believe in any gods.
    What people do imagine: Hedonistic baby killer who get their biggest kicks out of having sex in the burnt down ruins of my church after they drank all our blood!


  5. I am Good without God.
    If you are hungry, I will offer food.
    If you are thirsty, I will offer water.
    If you are cold, I will offer warmth.
    If you are in need, ask, and I will give.
    If you are in trouble, ask, and I will help.
    I do not do these things in hope of being rewarded, or out of fear of being punished.
    I do these things because I know them to be right.
    I set my own standards, and I alone enforce them.
    I am an Atheist! 😀

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