Go Away My Wayward Son (really)

What do you get when you cross a porn addict with a preachers son? Read on! (Equation Answer below)My area is pretty heavy with SDA, JW, Mennonite and a sprinkling of evangelicals, but SDA has the market cornered on truth because they do Saturday worship. (I heard the sermon many times). One particular family we’ve gotten to know pretty well is SDA. All of their problems come from god because “he tests the most faithful”. He really said that! He has also personalized his brand of SDA for, according to him, “they don’t quite have it right”. He was the wayward son of a preacher but now he’s back with a porn addiction (his wife confided this to my wife) and desperately seeking the respect of his father. He poses deep religious questions on Facebook then his friends spend hours enlightening each other as he sits and watches, but not responding. They have their 3 kiddos on a tight leash and rule over them with godlike love and a wooden spoon, and have absolutely nothing in the house that is not SDA related. The kids are all under 8 and they’ve never seen a video or story book that is secular or scientific of any kind. They homeschool, which in their case revolves around watching church videos. I think you’re getting the picture. None of them can read a word. It is pathetically hard to watch them cripple these kids to the theistical beliefs and growing up to think that without Jesus they are nothing but sinners laden with guilt and shame. Total indoctrination. Total rule. Physical discipline, and withholding valuable necessities to help them cope in the world. Total dependency. It’s disgusting. What happened to free will? What happened to trusting god? Where is the faith? They are so insecure in their faith they have to force the kids single line theology to protect them from the evil in the world while at the same time dispensing ignorance and evil. He’s determined his kids will never sew their wild oats and obsesses that they never do what daddy did. He talks openly about the enormities of his youth like a serial killer revisiting his dead bodies, but forbids the kids any leeway to make decisions or mistakes that would help them grow into human beings. It’s part of the Christian way. It’s disgusting. but who am I to judge?His family and friends commend him for his godlike parenting. I think he should just go away. Go away my wayward son. There was peace but now there’s none.R is religion, P is porn, guilt is represented here by the infinity symbol, 0 squared = overcome and overcompensate. the answer = BAD PARENTING


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

22 thoughts on “Go Away My Wayward Son (really)”

  1. People who are forceful about proselytizing are freaks in my humble opinion. I avoid them like the plague.
    Nice of him to want to branch out and work on everyone’s issues minus his own. What a selfless Christian.

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  2. The kids can’t read? Seriously? That’s abuse. Shocking abuse.

    I have some SDA friends here, but apart from not eating seafood, they’re quite normal. No preaching. not even a hint of it.

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    1. This place is riddled with homeschooled separatists. A lot of the homeschool kids here live in isolation. I agree, most SDA I know are pretty nice folks, but this is what happens when you only allow one line of thought.

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    2. Oh, and on the reading part, we questioned them on that one. The wife said a formal education wasn’t that important. They were learning life skills, and the lord would show them what they needed to learn. It’s sickening. They do a lot of spanking and isolation/submission tactics. Right in front of us. Pretty hard to see, and they’re super arrogant about what “the lord” wants

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        1. They’re trying to adopt another. They always look so happy. I’ve seen the inner workings though. Lots of facade everywhere. I’m pretty sure even if they read this post they would think it was about someone else. I did hit the “language excused” button

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      1. That right there, that sort of ‘parenting’ sounds very similar to the militant Islamic sects that train their youth of only being able to read the Quran, or rather specific passages of the Quran, bowing and bobbing their heads non-stop, chanting repeatedly those passages. Then they train them how to use an AK-47 or build bombs.

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        1. The kids aren’t even nice. My daughter doesn’t want to play with them any more. We never leave her with them. I think the dad has some big secrets. But It’s a hard life when your that much better than everyone else

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  3. This is just a heartbreaking situation. What’s worse is that nobody can force the parents to make their children literate. Illiteracy is going to deny them a whole bunch of things in life, starting with the Internet. Then again, that’s probably the whole point.

    It doesn’t even matter that they won’t be able to read their own faith’s indoctrination materials too. At least they’ll be kept away from evil, nasty, written knowledge.

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      1. It depends on what you mean by separatist. Some militia types are somewhat secular, but they’re a fringe within a fringe. I still can’t think of any non-religious group that intentionally prohibits their kids from learning to read.

        Also, I think my original comment wasn’t fully clear. I was referencing reading bible verses because that’s usually the justification for fundamentalists to teach reading. My reference to evil knowledge was aimed at fundamentalists keeping their kids away from all reading in the hopes that they can control their faith. That kind of stuff is abusive as hell, and can lead to some really awful consequences.

        I also wanted to say that this post raises a bigger question. At what point is it okay to protect kids from the abusive faith of their parents? I’m sure there has been plenty of stuff you grew up with that would be called abuse nowadays. I know I grew up with some of it. It’s like there needs to be a blanket prohibition against teaching kids about religion until they’re free to choose on their own.


        1. That would be something. Religion instilled so much fear and doubt but they sell peace. I feel for these kids. You probably know as well as anyone what’s down the road for them.


    1. Funny that name has come up today again. Not here but another place. Do you ever hear of secular separatists or is it just religion that installs all this fear and anxiety?

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      1. No, I’m not familiar with secular separatists, but yes, several/many denominations/sects of religions, specifically Abrahamic religions, instill tons of spooky, ghostly, fear and anxiety. It’s useful to push people to psychologically and emotionally depend more and more on faith and their “Savior.” Corporate marketing techniques utilize the same psychology, e.g. pharmaceuticals, security companies, extended warranties, extensive (blouted) insurance, et al.

        Fear can be quite lucrative, quite empowering from the gullible.


        1. I’ve been reading a lot about that this morning. All the persuasion and selling techniques are very religious sounding to me.

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  4. IMO what you have just described is child abuse and every religious wing nut out there (doing much of the same) needs to know what they are doing is wrong, and these poor children need protection from thier own parents.

    A horrible situation that needs addressing and damn the feelings of the righteous.

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    1. I think his definition of godlike love and mine are quite a bit different. God is a mean sob in my book, but in his isolationist mind he’s doing gods will. It is abuse and it’s rampant in that community!

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      1. If he is doing the corrections and withholding of a proper education in a good spirit it will be more acceptable to society I guess. Remember, he has to break their spirit to rebuild them in the ways of their religion. I’m sure he and his wife use the old “Spare the rod, spoil the child” parenting technique.

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