Selling What We Already Have

I have laid low these past few years since my deconversion. My mind works like a good stew, and then it’s ready to go. I generally take my time with things, especially after being controlled by those I thought I could trust for so long. Essentially duped by the duped. Funny now, but wow! Having just finished a couple of good books by John Zande these past few weeks, my mind has been working out a concise summary of what struck me profoundly. So without giving too much away, here is one point I have milled in my mind to a chiseled point. Every element from hydrogen to uranium, every molecule and atom, every cell and creature is in a naturally constant state of anxiety. Each one is desperately trying to stay together, to hang on for another day. It is this drive and desire that pushes to new boundaries. Defenses continue to mount and stretch the elements ability to cope and survive. To grow. To evolve. Every bit if matter has this inherent drive to hang on. Hope is the card that religion plays. And they play it well. Hope for eternal life after death. Hope to continue on. Hope things get better. But hope is something we already have. It is in us already. So why do we need to buy it? Fear. Abrahamic religions attach fear to something that is natural and unavoidable. Then they offer the solution. Meanwhile everything in this state of panic is dying and death, struggle and change, and anxiety. Pure, perfect evil if you would. And when you are done with this struggle for existence you die. Miserably decomposing and holding on till another day, but the final outcome is without question. When we observe this creation it is fair to assume the mind and disposition of this perfect creator. If there is a god and this is his doing, then he is enjoying the suffering and delights himself in the misery of all of the elements. Including man. I choose not to believe in deities. The evidence is compelling that no good god would have done this. He is either incompetent or he is malicious. There is much, much more to be taken from Mr. Zande in these two books, and I highly recommend these for every avid learner that wants to challenge what he thinks he knows. It is a fresh look that flies in the face of “god is good”, and has compelling evidence and good supportive reasoning and science. But the conclusions will be left to you.


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Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

35 thoughts on “Selling What We Already Have”

  1. John Z’s books and approach to theism, in particular Christianity and the Abrahamic religions, are sound solid challenges and rebuttals to what has traditionally been believed (or gullibly accepted) over the millenia. At the very least his work should cause ANY seriously reasonable person to inspect, scrutinize, go OUTSIDE the box, and peek under the hood of what busy society has (blindly) followed for far too long.

    However, I want to play the role of Devil’s Advocate for the sake of more expansive dialogue. 😀

    First Law of Thermodynamics (Conservation of energy) states that the total energy of an isolated system is constant; energy can be transformed from one form to another, but can be neither created nor destroyed. I hope you have videos enabled for your comments Jim…

    From Wikipedia:

    Dr. Ian Stevenson, Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia Medical School, spent many years investigating claims by children that they could remember a past life. He interviewed over four thousand children from the United States, England, Thailand, Burma, Turkey, Lebanon, Canada, India and other places, who claimed that they could remember a number of incidents from a past life.

    As founder and director of the university’s Division of Perceptual Studies, which investigates the paranormal, Stevenson became known internationally for his research into reincarnation, the idea that emotions, memories, and even physical injuries in the form of birthmarks, can be transferred from one life to another. He traveled extensively over a period of forty years, investigating three thousand cases of children around the world who claimed to remember past lives.

    Science and physicists have yet to fully understand how the micro-universe and macro-universe coexist. In the micro-universe particles pop in and out of existence in defiance of the Laws of Conservation (matter can neither be created nor destroyed). Different particles can be in the same place at the same time, or can even be in every possible place at the same time. One of the most important aspects of the Quantum realm is that nothing can be predicted with total certainty. Personally, I agree with this. The randomness observed in subatomic events, as well as the inability to determine both the momentum and the location of any given particle at the same moment in time, has led to the Uncertainty Principle of Quantum Mechanics, which states that only the probability of a given event can be predicted.

    In contrast, the macro-universe of relativity — the one that we observe in our day-to-day lives — is quite predictable. A volume of molecules, each comprising two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen at STP (standard temperature and pressure) and with sufficient gravity to hold that volume together, will produce a clear liquid known as water anywhere in the universe these conditions are met. All eggs laid by chickens are chicken eggs — precisely 0% are platypus eggs. The pot roast of spectacular aroma I put in the oven will not magically transmute into a block of granite when I remove it (although SOME friends of mine who have attended my dinner parties would argue this!). The list of things we can predict with certainty in our macro-universe is almost limitless.

    So, with this current condition, this apparent paradox of the micro and macro, who’s to say that travelling or interaction between the two universes, with long-standing mounting scientific (and metaphysical?) evidence of these perpetual journies between, who’s to say it isn’t possible/probable at this point in time?

    Food for thought. 😉

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    1. My wife and I have had this discussion many times over the years. Definitely interesting and actually makes scientific sense at this point. Energy changing forms and as energy is transferred during communication and so forth it is very possible in my mind that our energy or essence remains to assume other new forms of life. I am open to the idea but am just a casual observer at this point. I haven’t ruled it out and lean that way for now. Plus I really like the idea!

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      1. Professor Taboo, you have put into words what I have always felt and thought.
        I have had many conversations with my husband about my beliefs about us being made of energy and that our energy can take different forms when we leave our shell of a body. Reincarnation is a possibility in my opinion.
        Now, if that was taught in the churches and religious community there would be no heaven or hell. If there is no heaven or hell, then churches would lose control over their flocks and have no sheep to fleece.

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        1. VG, like Jim above mentions, in many ways I am a “casual observer” on these new cutting-edge topics as well. I am perfectly fine admitting what we, as a cumulative intelligent species, are an extremely TINY piece in this measureless expanse of a Cosmos… and what we currently understand is likely infintesimal to the larger schemes. My current confession/stance? “To Be Determined”! 😛

          BUT… I do know with plenty of certainty that very antiquated paradigms and ideologies dating back 2-3 millenia are no longer useful; in some cases, require complete trashing. 😁😈

          Thank you VG for your kind comment.

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          1. I enjoy reading all the comments and seeing all of the different points of views.
            I’m out of my comfort zone when I do comment due to my lack of higher education. Thank you guys for your patience.


            1. Oh VG, thank you, but please don’t go overboard with your wonderful humility — we ALL start somewhere on things. Yet, it is impossible to be an expert in more than say 1-3 areas… tops! And ALL of us have something valuable to contribute to anything! Please feel free to be an important part of discussions, even if it is just questions, that too offers much! ❤

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      1. Hahahahaha! That is a hilarious come back Jim! You made my day Sir. 😉 😛

        Well, it doesn’t necessarily align with many Atheists and their paradigms. Hence, the Devil’s Advocate intro. LOL


            1. Just wondering if you like the idea( not that it matters in the quest for truth) of reincarnate energy or intelligence?

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            2. Not sure whether I “like” it or dislike it. It just appears to be, or according to the Law of Conservation of Mass/Energy, that it just “is” as humanity/science currently understands it. And I’m not meaning to sound like a smart-ass. LOL

              However, based on the continuing compiling evidence, investigations, and studies of the interactions between the subatomic micro- and macro-universes, that psyhics or mediums or clairvoyants for example somehow connect to, isn’t that big a stretch of reason or imagination that “life” (on those levels) is permanent, endless, but always changing… into other forms. That’s my current BASIC take on it. 🙂

              Does that answer your question Jim?


            3. Yes thank you. But the minute you mentioned pshcics I has a new 1-900 business idea for you!!


  2. “Every element from hydrogen to uranium, every molecule and atom, every cell and creature is in a naturally constant state of anxiety. ” What is the science behind this statement? I am trying to learn as much as possible;-) Is it the four forces at the level of atoms and subatomic particles?


    1. It is bigger than the four forces at work. Gravity and electromagnetic forces affect us no doubt. But maybe if I just ask you a question it will make sense. Can you name one thing that is not in a constant state of struggle and decay to maintain homeostasis? 1 atom that will live infinitely or molecule or cell that does not succumb to the forces breaking it down?

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      1. No, and that was not the objection either because I already know the status. Due to entropy. Are there any more forces that contribute to this anxiety and decay that you know of?


      2. How is the anxiety at the cellular level linked to atoms? Can you explain the decay or anxiety of a cell to me? Linking the Telomeres to some forces at the level of atoms. (Are Telomeres the whole picture when it comes to cell decay?) That again can be linked to evolution and the struggle for survival. I ask these question because I want to understand the fundamental principle/principles you are referring to. That somehow permeates though everything.


      3. If you are referring to separate systems that have similar outcomes, could you please explain the causes and effects of these one by one for me? I do not need in great detail, just so that I get the picture;-)


    2. And the anxiety is that constant struggle. Hanging on and making adjustments in there respective environments to try and survive

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          1. Hi everybody:-) Isabella from the “other side” here. Jim said in a comment to you all that I would visit your blogs as well. I want to be completely honest and say that due to the Dunbar number, I cannot make such a huge promises. I have my followers too;-) I am doing research regarding the arguments against faith/religion, and are trying to get a substantial amount. If you are particularly interested in sharing your arguments. Then go ahead;-)

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            1. Maybe you should do a guest post here. Ask a couple of points you are curious about. Then all your comments will be focused in that area and comments manageable with a variety of more pointed answers. Maybe do one per week? What do you think?

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            2. Dear Jim. Thank you so much for this generous offer. I like to think before making decisions. So, let me just think for a little while and then I will get back to you. Again, thank you very much:-) I do think it is a very interesting idea, and it would be a great source of information. Love, Isabella


            3. I’m doing a post this morning asking for everyone’s best arguments for atheism. Nothing directed to your site. You can follow the comments. Let’s keep questions to a minimum.

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            4. I think questions from you are fine. I just wanted to eliminate chit chat so important points don’t get buried in the mess

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  3. I’m late to this post, but in a previous (?) one I posted, for Isabella, my four thoughts on probable causes for anything rather than nothing and this micro/macro connection and possibilities of an “ongoing” would fall into #2 on my list.
    I can definitely see the possibilities, but is it only “hope”…for more?

    And if there is merit to this, in my view, it is still not mystical or denoting a god, but it’s still science and some laws in the quantum world we do not have a clue about yet.

    The quest is always looking for more “proof” or a way, even scientifically, to not cease existing for all time. This is perhaps the strongest pull in mankind (hence religion) and this “pull” impacts atheists as well.

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    1. The burden of proof is definitely on the religious and the existence of deities. They are claiming there is something rather than nothing. Let’s see it!


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