Closet Arsonists

Mom died a few years back, and at 80 years old my dad remarried. His new wife is a very devout Mormon and her testimony is so powerful. She said, “I just know what I know. I don’t know why, but I just know this church is the true church, and when I know something I just know it”. Let me tell you something else this big, bright, child of god knows because she learned it at church. She knows that “gay men are closet arsonists”. That’s right. Arsonists! “They may not always start fires, but they want to, and that’s why they’re called “flamers”. LDS Relief Society teaching manuals may not carry the message, but it may even be worse that the faithful can have these ideas and beliefs on their own! Big problem with belief vs fact and reason. So, what do you call a fat pompous know-it-all bigot? Well, sometimes you call her mom. Everyone has someone in their life don’t they?


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

8 thoughts on “Closet Arsonists”

  1. Does that mean all arsonists are gay? Or did I miss something?

    Preachers really should be more careful with the power they wield. I guess lying to the congregation is part of the job requirement though…

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    1. It may have even been a joke or something but she is a pretty dumb. Every time she opens her moth it’s painful. But she knows what she knows


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