Illegal Atheist

Here’s what happens when the church runs the state with tight control and coerced belief in god. Believe or die! I had a comment a few weeks ago from Indonesia and he stated that he had to use careful wording or be accused of blasphemy. Saudi Arabia atheist are declared terrorists.

Even some US states have laws on the books forbidding atheists from running for office. Christianity’s moral high ground is to demonize non believers and elevate themselves with accusations instead living with integrity. Atheist represent 0.1% of prisoners in the US. We’re not that bad. Really!

How do you make someone believe something they don’t?


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

5 thoughts on “Illegal Atheist”

  1. You can’t force someone to believe something, but you can make them lie…for their own protection.

    Even here in the US if you were to say “I’m an atheist” in front of just regular church going people, they’d look at you like you had three heads and some would probably quit speaking to you.

    So it’s not met with a casual “oh well to each their own” attitude, but it elicits a strong response…anger, pity….fear…that we may be correct?

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    1. It is strange how this belief in something unprovable with zero evidence is so mainstream. Really unbelievable situation if it weren’t true.


    1. Here’s hoping. This is a topic popping up today on other blogs I follow too. Saying you don’t believe in god is still quite controversial to the sheep. I told one person at work when she asked if I was a believer, and her look was priceless. And stuttering. Uh, how could you not believe in god? lol


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