raging ragged desperation keep the charade alive, stoke it fan it stay in overdrive, never sleep oft repeat the same words that you heard, soon you must prove but your proof is absurd, and waning thoughts need fresh blood to pump energy to the veins of the craft, when all else fails turn out gullible youth to prove your tales-the best remedy not always true and tried, but new with lies that have felt the heat of a perfectly staged revival without real knowledge can keep the flame alive.

Sell it by zealot!


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

12 thoughts on “Desperation”

      1. I’ve written a song or two in my day, and when you said “it had a feel for me” I know exactly that feeling. Sometimes the words sneak up on you and demand to be put down.

        Well done.

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          1. It’s a fine line, but the commas didn’t jump out at me and I do a bit of proofing, so do notice these things. I like it when text jumps out of the norm and it works, e.e.cummings is an excellent example of course. He just didn’t give a flying fig through a rolling doughnut about punctuation unless he was bending it to his will.

            – Esme Cloud

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