It’s not even a very good hoax. Who is it that leaves all their sensibility at the door for a poorly written hearsay of a long ago past? It is now the grown equivalent of a massive federation bureaucracy driven by incoherent laws with rogue outposts crying “lo here” and “lo there”. Their making this stuff up! The only thing keeping it afloat are the gullibles that won’t look at real knowledge to change it, and the other passengers that are driving the ship with the zeal of a half eaten library book. Just the way it was planned.

Sunday I have a very special post that would appreciate your input. Thanks so much.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

5 thoughts on “Really?”

  1. Leaving sensibility at the door is exatly why I could not continue the attempt to become a x-ian. I went to church. Made friends. I tried to understand the attraction. But having to take my brain out of my head before I walked in, in order to follow along with the absurdities and contradicitons was the deal breaker.

    That and some of the things I overheard in conversations. Such as “they should take all of the atheists and shoot them.” When you hear something like that, and are among those who would otherwise proclaim love and acceptance as virtues, it runs a cold chill down your spine.

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    1. Well shooting em is better than hanging or the stocks I guess. Whatever happened to just torture? Hard to keep up with the times I suppose


  2. My question is not how can they believe something so clearly badly made up with all the evidence of changes and misconceptions. I really wonder how to reach them. How to spark the idea that it is not what they think. How to get them to wonder at the contradictions and the silly stuff. I watch some hard core believers who are so dang sure of themselves spew the most silly stuff that has no reason behind it with all the heart and conviction they can muster. When challenged they refuse to even listen. It is like talking to a flat earther. Some flat earthers say they know the world is flat because the bible has that written in it. How do you reach people like that? Hugs


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