Hubble Captures Distant Images of Temples on Other Planets

According to an anonymous insider, The Vatican along with NASA’s HST division are withholding critical images proving that Mormonism is indeed more than a world religion. God has created “worlds without number” and recent Hubble images have captured LDS temples in other distant solar systems. LDS temple alignment and curious symbolism is literally a “modern day Mormon stargate “. Below are some codings in alignment from specific LDS temple architecture.

LDS officials routinely open these gates using a stellar map and detailed compass aligned with a curious sword that was deposited in the Hill Cumorah in upstate New York and retrieved by the prophet Joseph Smith.

Officials state ” we’ve had the answers for quite some time”, although common members are not currently participating in intergalactic travel because of “unbelief”, Church officials do commonly visit other planets to coordinate the various second coming scenarios soon to unfold.

“There’s only one Jesus, so these things take a little planning “. LDS doctrine teach “Christ’s atonement was for all of gods children, and in the big picture, that is a lot of worlds and a lot of people that need saving”.

Current leadership is also in pursuit of the Erdapfel globe. “We want it back”, for as rumored the globe is not a 15th century creation, but a much older relic of precolombian mesoamerican mormonism.


Author: jimoeba

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17 thoughts on “Hubble Captures Distant Images of Temples on Other Planets”

    1. I am just putting out a little satire from days gone by. Because it was the only true church anywhere, there was always a lot of day dreaming and discussion about such things.

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    1. Thanks boss. It is a pretty easy target. Hey I gotta go rescue a wolf in a trap. I’ll let you know how that goes. Been up on the hill all morning and I finally went and looked to see what the noise was. Getting the four wheeler out in the snow. Yikes.

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        1. So. I got up close and turns out it is not a wolf, but a large 100 pound mixed breed dog that howls. He was alone with a sled attached and wrapped around some trees like a crash of some kind. I untangled him and let him run. I looked around for a rider. No footprints in the snow and no answers a all, just a runaway sled and a crazy mutt. Nice dog though. He was nipping and barking at first but he was just scared. Out in the middle of nowhere. Not sure where he belongs but he looks well cared for

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            1. Oh thanks. It ended well that’s the good part. We have wolves too but this wasn’t one of them. If it was I’d have needed a little help


          1. Attached to a sled? Are you close to a town? Good on you for going to help, and helping him out. Most people wouldn’t. We have 11 rescues here, and 1 who we’re been nursing back to health since December. Big boy. We’re trying to find him a good home.

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            1. We are fairly close to a town but this was weird. I’m guessing some kids took him out and maybe he saw a deer or something and bolted. I never found human tracks in the snow. I called the sheriff just to be safe. I figured if anyone came up missing I know where to go. In Panama I’m pretty disgusted with the way people treat their dogs. Is that common in Brazil 🇧🇷 too. That is the one thing I don’t like is cruelty.

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            2. There are a lot of dumped and stray dogs… which is why we have so many, and I’ve lost count of how many others we’ve rescued, nursed back to health, got neutered, then adopted out. There are a lot of very caring people (Brazil has the highest proportion of dog ownership per capita in the world, most of whom are strays people have taken in), but there are those few assholes who won’t neuter their dogs, let them roam around, and create an unending problem. It’s maddening as it is a problem that can be fixed, and fixed in a number of years.

              Hope your boy finds his way home.

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