Why Fasting is Important

The first Sunday of each month the LDS have fast and testimony meeting. Members fast 24 hours as a general rule. Typically you would have dinner the night before, skip two full meals, than have dinner again the following evening. Somewhere between the 15-20 hour mark you’d have your testimony meeting. Mormons tout the health benefits and spiritual awareness of fasting, but rarely is the caveat considered. Fasting alters brain chemistry and sugar uptake Opening brain fazes to a more programmable state. During this drowsy state of weakened physiology you listen to 20 or so people tell you they know the church is true, and other anecdotal Mormon doctrine and testimony. The science of Physiology works! So does monthly brainwashing.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

5 thoughts on “Why Fasting is Important”

    1. Although a possibly accidental finding, this is possible the “post it note” stumbled upon by religionists in America. Works for everything!


  1. You know, I’ve read that catholics are told to fast before mass. Some nonsense or other about receiving “the host”. But it makes sense in this context. Amplifying gullibility is the real reason for fasting

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  2. Visited one of my old churches the other day and they were all fasting, and they were pressuring me to do the same. Ha nope not going there. Outside of religion you will see that many of the so called ‘health benefits’ are really dubious.

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