The Gods are Doin Their Thing

I’m a little upset with Boreas today. Snow is too wet and trees are down all over the property. Hoping all of my Dryads are safe and sound. I checked my Yggdrasil and it is doing ok. Yggdrasil is my immense mythical tree that connects the nine worlds in Norse cosmology.

And the turkeys came for a visit while I was cutting two trees off the road to the house. They love dinner rolls.

Thank Artemis they are good. Today I am a god. The god of snow shoveling.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

50 thoughts on “The Gods are Doin Their Thing”

            1. Abrahamic religions mired in philosophy and variable interpretations mixed with astrology and mythology and pseudo archaeology


            2. Hey how’s winter at your place? I lost about 20 trees last night. Just young ones though. Aah life in the mountains!


            3. But really it was a post to share pictures of the storm last night and mix it with a little religious silly. Super wet snow last night.


  1. Alright Jim. I am now convinced that you are either in the Witness Protection Program or you are in the CIA. I am totally confused as to your location! LOL 🤣 Or should I say your blogging location versus your literal living location… OR your various mirroring sites that seem to pop-up on various continents bi-weekly!!! 😮


    1. I am living in Washington right now. I also have a house in Panama. This is our first winter here in several years. Me no like it. But I am building a house down the way for my daughter and are in the snow this winter. I go back and forth. But don’t tell anybody!

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          1. Washington is a big place. The west side is very liberal. My area is very religious. JW SDA Mennonite LDS Evangelical and some anti government whacks. But I have a quiet spot up on the mountain. And they are nice, but mention atheism and it’s a jaw dropper. I’m really close to the Idaho panhandle. Mucho más iglesias aquí

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            1. Ahhh, okay. I do understand then. 👍

              Though I am back in my hometown of Dallas, there are many, many pockets throughout Texas that are traditionally hyper-religious. Interestingly enough those pockets are typically found in specific demographics where you can ALSO find the distinguishing trademarks of income vs. education in two correlations:

              1) — high income levels with restricted public education ISD curriculums and/or high enrollment in expensive private (Christian) schools = hyper-religious and wealthy.

              2) — low income levels with low quality education ISD curriculums = hyper-religious.

              Wherever there is tunnel-vision restrictions on educational requirements rather than a broad spectrum of curriculums — i.e. sciences and broader social studies — that is where you will find thriving churches and Christian organizations around every block! Wherever there are curriculums freely taught covering critical-thinking skills, all the sciences, and extensive social studies, you find very few churches and Christian organizations (if at all) and a thriving Humanitarian programs and centers, technology, progressive sociopolitical organizations and museums, public libraries, international trade, etc, etc.

              “Things that make you go Hmmmmmm.” 🤔 LOL

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  2. I’d show you all the photographs of the snow we’re having this year. Or should that be I will hopefully show you a picture or two of some snow we might have come winter. Johannesburg is not noted for its inclement weather of the white fluffy kind.
    However, be patient padawan, I have faith …. honest.

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    1. I only have a plow on my four wheeler. This stuff is too heavy and I run out of room to move it. A blower would be good. I hear there’s a blow hard on Mel Wildes site this morning. I’ll have to check. Lol

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      1. I don’t know much about winters out in your neck of the woods, but it might be a wise investment all the same!

        When I was a child, pulling “That wretched Boeing 747” (mother dearest) or “My Little Helper” (dad) out of the shed to check the oil was a pre-winter ritual. Meaning, around late September 😛

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    1. We have been reading it too. And with the storm last night it just fell from a scroll in my mind delivered by Hermes. I think he and the Norse must talk a lot. And thanks.


            1. We try to live there oct -may but this year we’re in Washington. Me no like the winter here any more


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