9 thoughts on “Religious Feel Right”

  1. I’ve uttered it many times: virtually across the board Christian theology nurtures unaccountability and self-impairment, or disempowerment due to a fictional Proxy in your place. This condition leads to further psychological and physiological problems and inaction. Sad really. 😦

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  2. I have always thought this little factoid (the meme) was a weak spot for religion. But it seems invisible to the believers.

    If you put every ounce of your trust/faith in dog why the hell even get up and feed yourself in the morning? The dog has fleas, dogs will. The car has a flat, dogs will. The zipper on your favorite jeans fails, dogs will. It is impossible to put all of your trust in the prospect that the dog will provide, you have to have SOME input in the matter. But they (the preachers) don’t want you to take ANY credit for it!

    I don’t have time for the study, got to head out the door.

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    1. Yes. They need validation and admiration more than anybody needs salvation. The study is interesting but long. Good call


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