Why do Hard When Simple is Hard Enough?

I used to write a lot of songs and they just kept getting more and more complex, when finally my buddy said, “why do hard when simple is hard enough”? Musicians have made great music with two and three chord songs. Simple is beautiful. Perfecting simple is outstanding.

It is easy to get mired down in the weight of all the information trying to sway you this way and that. Try this: Go someplace quiet. Throw all your preconceptions and indoctrinations in a big pile and burn it. Think what it would be like to face everything you ever learned about religion was a lie. It’s a pill that needs to be swallowed. Think how easy this is without someone trying to influence you in order to validate themselves. Try to show a little self awareness and open your mind. You don’t need convincing circular conjecture and apologetics to know the truth. The truth rarely needs a footnote, or, an explanation to an explanation. You can’t justify one iota of doctrine, or one miracle or prayer unanswered without rationalizing the deficiency of god or being outright deceived. The cliches don’t solve your problem. They are these; “You pray in your time, and god answers in his time”. “We can’t imagine the wisdom of god”, or “He is testing your faithfulness. We just can’t comprehend god”, or “he wasn’t meant to be healed because god is testing his faith”. Why would god need to do that? These are some of the most common excuses for god, passed on from generation to generation. When you look at the objectives there is nothing here but excuses and ambiguous text of archaic language allowing for multiple interpretation and confusion. By design.

I know. I was in it for 50 years and nothing added up. I had several “spiritual” experiences that were based on lies. Positive emotion is not the holy spirit testifying to you. Feeling good by passing off your responsibilities to another entity is psychological feel good. Nothing more. Nothing has changed but the feeling someone is watching over you. They aren’t.

You don’t have to know the science behind it. I didn’t. All you have to do is face the reality that you might be wrong, and look at the failures of religion openly and honestly. It’s about three things. Power, control, and money. Every institution is corrupt. You think religion has escaped unscathed? Hell, they’re the ones that initiated all the corruption. Pointing fingers, deflecting and distracting. The devil has no horns. That is the trick. The devil wears a suit and tie and holds a microphone. Quit making excuses for gods and failed preachers and let’s start working towards something productive instead of wasting millennia of time running in circles chasing hidden meaning of ancient writing that doesn’t come true.

Why do hard when simple is hard enough? Life is pretty peaceful since dumping the hope of an invisible being that instills guilt and racism and has a history of mass destruction and murder. Why do hard when simple is where you find true peace. That is a motto to live by.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

6 thoughts on “Why do Hard When Simple is Hard Enough?”

  1. It utterly amazes me that people are religious…any religion. I’m no one special…not a scientist, not even college educated..just a little old retired lady, but Ive never believed.
    It does seem so utterly simple and logical to me. All this frothing at the mouth, judging, condemning, hating, killing etc. and all over ancient fantasies, all over nothing coherent or rational or kind for that matter. It makes no sense.
    I believe it’s a mental illness of sorts and it’s very widespread. I knew a lady who prayed to god to help her find her contact lenses and she did and of course it was because of god. No thought to people dying of horrible diseases, wars, ethnic cleansing, wholesale starvation etc.
    How on earth does a mind operate like this? It can’t simply be indoctrination as a child.

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    1. Hope I guess. Promises of eternal life. Fear, and a high percentage need someone to follow. 35% or so are always part of some mass movement giving away the cherished self to be part of something bigger. Life isn’t that hard if you just face it, is it?

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  2. Rock on Jim.

    I write/compose. Played guitar since I was 16, let’s not do the math please ;). I have been in bands, been to professional recording studios. I have a good friend now, a bass player, who actually has a recording studio he can easily fit in his car. He writes/composes too. So we have done a lot of collaborations over the last several months. Him being a bassist and me a guitar guy we help each other out.

    It is slow. We both have other stuff needs doing, but we are both comitted to the endeavor. Both of us having gigged a lot, and just been active musically for a long time. Neither of us are looking for glory/fame we do it because it’s something we like to do. What I am finally getting to is this.

    You are right.

    Every song needs the lyrics scaled back/rearranged to fit the arrangement to some degree. And every lead part I practice for prior to recording, every single time, needs to be simplified and given some room to breathe. I spend a lot of time simplifying. I even had to scale back this reply. 😉

    I strive to keep things simple in other areas of my life too. It is the direction of nirvana I think. But harder to get to than it should be.

    Do you still write/compose?

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    1. I play my guitar. I lost an entire book of songs and lyrics on the move to Panama. Bummer. But I love it when I have time. Be fun to collaborate something. Cool story Shell


      1. I have a room dedicated to music/recording. Nothing fancy but it works. I’ve never collaborated online, (other than getting demos through my email that I can then start working with) but I’m sure it will work. Just have to iron out the details.

        Only problem I can see atm is getting you mic-ed up.

        I have a bunch of songs a friend left here (harmonica player/composer buddy from next town over) Thanks for saying that I should call him lol.

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