Panama Apocalypse

It happened again. A 5.7 quake in Los Santos Province of Panama near my home there. The world is ending and god is coming to wipe out the sinners and wrap the believers in his arms for eternal hugs and stuff like that. My evangelical neighbors down there are hoping to be alive to see it all play out. And they hope its soon and they will be lifted up in rapture to god while massive bloodshed and revenge and vengeance for all those wicked homosexuals and atheists unfolds. Not sure why they want to be around to see all the carnage other than the mind of a blood-cult, pious, holier-than-thou baptist saint shouting out SEE, SEE. We told you so!

I think if god existed he would judge Christians for the way they treat gays and unbelievers and other faiths. One of their core tenets is that in the end god is coming to destroy all of us. They pray for it. They welcome it. It’s in the doctrine. Meanwhile nothing gets solved while they sit and wait behind a line of piety drawn in the sand of self righteous racism and bigotry. They fight every social advancement and scientific progression. That’s who they are. That’s why I write!


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

14 thoughts on “Panama Apocalypse”

  1. You write very well! I am enjoying my trek through your writings. I will not persist with the likes and comments as I do not want to overload your notifications in pursuit of my project!

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    1. Glad you enjoy them. Feel free to comment Bruce, or challenge anything. Since leaving the church I see quite clearly in every corner of life the contradictions and shear ridiculous nature of faith. I have a few posts that I’m pretty pleased with as well. But, not everything’s a masterpiece.


      1. Hehe, I’ll withhold comment until I finish. I may click a few likes here and there but I want to finish up soon. Good thing I read quickly!

        Then I will just try to keep up with future posts.


          1. Very smooth for me, too. I tend to think, without full evidence (almost always a mistake!), that most LDS who exit turn atheist. It is a natural next step when all other religions are false but your own and then you drop it!

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