The Gospel Behind Apparitions

TCA News Podcast Script 1a


Apparitions caused quite a stir in out last segment, so let’s follow up with some explanations. Our first caller stated “The only reason I converted to Christianity in my teens was because I saw the face of Jesus in a tortilla”.

I wasn’t sure if the caller was being sarcastic or not, so we’ll address this on a serious note. “Your welcome. Was it a corn tortilla or flour? Tortilla de maíz or “corn tortilla” would signify Christ as a Latin American figure, while flour has a broader range of ethnicities and we could justify a white Jesus using that logic. Was the tortilla already cooked? Post resurrection apparitions are demonstrably more prevalent in cooked tortillas, whereas uncooked could have a range of 33 years to work with and could be a juvenile apparition ranging up to the bearded version we see the most. I’m happy you had such a spiritual encounter.It is remarkably as justifiable as any other I’ve heard”.

Other factors come into play here, but as the caller took the answer off the line, I’ll have to assume a few follow up questions here. Was the tortilla an authentic variety or store bought? Store bought tortillas are uncommon for verifiable apparitions second to a strict assembly line structure. Authentic hand-made are more common as the transfers of belief systems can spiritually influence the potential outcomes. For the atheist homes, use a hot iron type press to maintain apparition free tortillas.


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18 thoughts on “The Gospel Behind Apparitions”

  1. Jim, you’ll get a kick out of this. 😉 Bear with me a minute…

    12.6 watts average. That’s it. That is the average metabolic-energy the human body must supply the brain for one full “normal” day active and conscious. That is NOT much because the rest of our body’s organs are metabolic-energy HOGS! So the human brain must conserve metabolic-power and run as efficiently as possible in order to function “normally” for a 14-16 hour day awake. Very little margin for error, particularly lethal errors.

    Power efficiency becomes critical in abnormal circumstances, or high-risk circumstances. We see this organ-power equation illustrated in the animal kingdom every day. For example, animals falling prey to predators. Those animals with a higher healthier organ-power coefficient typically escape death, or their chances of escape are higher than those hunted animals with lower or less-healthy organ-power coefficients. Roadkills are another example. Animals with a low coefficient (i.e. tiny brains with tiny metabolic power to that tiny brain) typically cannot cross a busy highway 10-times without being hit.

    Here’s my point: Humans are surrounded, no… constantly bombarded, with a never-ending supply of stimuli to the eyes, nose, ears, skin, and tongue in a 24-hour period! It is impossible for our brains to receive, process, store, and use all the available daily stimuli when it runs on only 12.6 watts per day. This makes us VERY gullible or susceptible to various degrees of ambiguity, superstition, memory-errors, and deception… as you are demonstrating here. 🙂

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    1. Not much room for error. Throw in fasting and some scripture reading, pray when you are down, all that can produce a gotcha. Conversion! Nice work sir. Wow!

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      1. It is/can be indicative of why those down, desparate, clinging to life sort of traumas certain humans experience that they gravitate (by choice?) to superstition and magical “rescues.” 😉

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    2. Congratulations to both of you for overcoming to constant bombardment of stimuli and avoiding the superstition, ambiguity and deceptions that have ensnared the rest of humanity.

      I will continue to put my blind faith in the accuracy of your insights.


      1. Oh I’m done with the fun. On a serious note John. I am working on a piece about catholic conversion. I have a situation that happened to a close friend of mine and maybe your insight should help determine how this happened. I’ll keep you posted. Still talking with him about the facts of it all.

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          1. Well seeing this is relatively a third party topic your delusions might come in handy. Even pique your dentate gyrus just a bit.

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      2. JB,

        Though my comment was posted here with this blog-post, I did NOT specify any particular social group of people the ambiguity, superstition, memory-errors, and deception happens more than with another group. To break it down further for you, we are all human. These human conditions can occur with ANYONE! “12.6 watts average” is why anybody is susceptible — to differing degrees both internally and externally — to these human states of mind at any given time.

        That said, the unfavorable or dangerous conditions can be corrected after the temporary serotonin- and dopamine-inducing emotional or traumatic events have passed.

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          1. …I’ll just keep accepting everything you say without question.

            HAH! Myself, Jim, and most everyone here and on various WordPress blog circles know that is a flat out lie, even you know it is… so why even say something like that? It’s pointless. It’s frankly stupid JB. And your poor attempts at sarcasm are worse. 😩 Furthermore, I’d be the first to tell you to never accept/believe “everything I say without question” because that is just moronic. Like any intelligent person would/should tell you, always get a 3rd or 4th opinion, or estimate, or diagnosis in medical matters. When you are shopping for houses or vehicles, do you just not control your emotions, or serotonin, dopamine, or adrenaline levels and just make rash impulsive decisions? Or have diarrhea of the mouth/keyboard? Because that’s what it looks like when you say/write stupid childish things like that. Why make that
            apparent… PUBLICLY!? 🤔

            LOL… get a hold of yourself buddy! 😉


        1. That comment of mine was in response to JB’s opening ridiculous sarcastic self-deprecation. (Seems to have shown up in the wrong place.)

          But, to be fair, I was unaware of the context, i.e. I just saw the previous post which called him out.

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