Believers and Make-Believers – Is there a difference?

Believers in Make-Believe were congratulating themselves after two hours of debating and attempted grandeur. Is it possible to “win” a debate when all if your evidence is complete horse shit and smug showmanship? I read where John Lennox “wiped the floor ” with Dawkins. With what? Make-believe? The pluralistic ignorance of religion is strong. has some sweet history of success in other arenasNorth Korea is the current leader several Muslim countries all tied for 2nd place. Keep moving and agree. It’s safe there. But nowhere on earth can beat the USA in pluralistic ignorance about biblical histories that have been debunked years ago. Accepting fraudulence is a way of life for make-believers. Remember the story that broke about gold plated chariot wheels found in the Red Sea. “What they found strewn across the bottom of the reed sea has shaken the religious and scientific community,” says Rood. “Cameras mounted on remote-controlled submarines revealed coral-encrusted chariot parts, horse and human remains strewn like battlefield wreckage on the bottom of the reed sea.” Years later they are still working the story which was fake news. Snopes. But there are new stories still on the web pushing this. Is it only here you can “be all that you can be” by hanging on to the disproved and claim a cover up is hiding the truth. Only in Christianity can you quote gospel commandments as gods law given to a prophet that didn’t exist. If you’re wondering “am I the only one?” No. You’re not!


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

15 thoughts on “Believers and Make-Believers – Is there a difference?”

  1. Usually make believers know it’s not real, but the real believers don’t.

    Do you ever feel we are living in a simulation and the simulators are just having fun with us…seeing just how dysfunctional the human brain can become, what fantasy and craziness some of us will believe? Real people can’t really be this nuts , can they?

    Someone who is a bible thumper, voted for Trump, watches the Kardashians, doesn’t like them darkies or them queer folk, thinks global warming is not a problem because god will handle it, thinks aliens don’t know Jesus, so they’ll go to hell and no sir-ree, not evolution and them monkeys being our “cousins” and best of all wanting death to come to millions, so they ( the chosen ones who got it right) can be whisked up to the heavenly pearly gates.

    If this isn’t a simulation or mob brain dysfunction, I don’t know what it!
    Yes this stuff gets me upset!

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    1. It is pretty crazy out there. Imaginations are the reality. They collectively believe nonsense and collectively deny fact. There is a pride in belief/faith and a smugness that makes them proud to be mentally beaten up for belief in something that doesn’t exist. That is scriptural. “Blessed are they who are smitten for my name sake”. It’s a badge of honor to be ridiculed for Jesus. We are making headway though. Little by little.

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  2. I find this man utterly revolting and he ranks alongside William Lane Craig as one who should be required to demonstrate he is fit to be part of the human race.
    Simply gag-awful man.

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  3. Crazy, crazy Christians! See, I’m a Muslim because my religion and my god are real. I know this because in the Koran it states, “This book is not to be doubted”. How much more truthful can you get? Christians lying for their god? HA! Christians thinking only they are right about god? HA!! I don’t understand why Christians are so quick to make stuff up and believe nonsense when a perfect, inerrant book like the Koran exists. I’m sure glad I know what’s real and true. Too bad Christians do not. $Amen$

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    1. Lol. Abraham maintained power over his harem (troop) by controlling sex, territory and food. Same as Muhammad. Same as a baboon troop. Only difference is the ability to write. It’s in our evolutionary nature.

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          1. Hope you realize I’m just screwing around. These are the types of arguments and responses I have for christians who like to quote scripture, etc, to prove how “right” they are. (Not that you’re doing this). I’ve a long list of some lovely quotes from the Koran I always toss out in response to such people. It points out the utter idiocy of such arguments. Few if any christians continue to respond when I use this tactic. All of this shit is complete gibberish and nonsense to me. Listening to religious apologists is literally like watching three hamsters running on wheels trying to get them perfectly in sync while never realizing it won’t happen. Ugh. 😀

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            1. Yes! I thought so. I would like you to post some Quran quotes sometime. I really don’t know a ton about it.

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            2. I guess so. Tell them that as you toss out more Koran quotes. “Ah, you’re not responding. So, I guess you’re silence is an admission that the Koran is right and the bible wrong. Thanks for the solid verification of that. Allahu Akbar.”


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