How we do it?

First we pray and wait for the Holy Spirit to inspire us. Then, based on conflicting messages we choose the answer that best suits us. When things don’t work out we ponder what god really meant, then usually stick with our bad decision based on initial inspiration and ask others to pray too. We don’t want to admit prayer doesn’t work, or give off the message that god is wrong. That would be near blasphemous.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

22 thoughts on “How we do it?”

  1. I’ve written a post about prayer recently that I suppose would be “blasphemous” as you said. Oh well. I think I’ll get away with it without going to hell for some reason. I’ve also been going back and forth recently with a very…umm…we’ll say “stubborn” Christian who inspired my last post about “Arguing with the old me.” She’s quick to tell everyone how wrong we are and how the Bible makes the most sense out of anything in this world. You may have seen her “A Reasonable Faith” blog as she posts on the atheist page quite often in attempts to win us all to Christ. I’m still new to life after Christianity, so my debating skills with her may not be the best, but the subject of prayer came up and her explanation is that unanswered prayer is not proof that God isn’t listening. It’s just that we expect too much when we pray looking for a response. So that should be comforting to you…and all of us, right? You can read more here:

    Again, I’m new to this so try not to cringe if you read this and see my responses to her claims of a “reasonable faith.”

    Nice post by the way.

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    1. One piece of advice is stick with what you know. Your own personal journey out and why. There are a lot of really smart people with the science and published works. I try to stick with my personal journey out and what I noticed to derail faith. I’ll read yours now. Thank you for sharing it.

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    2. Hey a little wordy for me. I like short but I think that was fine. Keeping them pinned to a specific is much easier. With a shotgun approach they automatically avoid the tough parts. It’s good to practice though and she gave you a lot of space to work with. Not too bad. If you hang out here and have questions I am getting a lot of good material I can shoot your way or send you to other posts. Welcome to sensibility!!

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        1. Hey when I click on your site link the page is not found. Wonder if you have it set to private or something. She was right about that part.


            1. I am following. Your last post was the 9th. You’re in my reader. That is frustrating. I noticed when I did a name change I had to go through everywhere on the dash and switch it. The old one was hung up. Maybe that’s a thought.


    3. She’s quick to tell everyone how wrong we are and how the Bible makes the most sense out of anything in this world. Really? She does this? I’m amazed, truly amazed. *tongue-planted-firmly-in-cheek*

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