MLK was Right for the Wrong Reasons (maybe)

Martin Luther King said “our scientific power has surpassed our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men”. I was using that as a rally cry to abandon faith, recognizing that faith has been passed for good reason. Faith is a go nowhere stagnation that requires all your devotion for a lifetime of wishing. But King had some noteworthy insights in this short article that are thought provoking and unifying to humanity.

Dr Seggy and I were chatting on a previous post and he had some positive insights about this topic. His sister is literally terrified of the science. He said “I think it is slow (the change) because it’s that important. We can’t undo thousands of years of indoctrination with a few decades of scientific discovery that easily. So we need to work hard at promoting more critical, more logical and scientific thinking and yet be patient still”.

So it’s full speed ahead but with patience. Remember it took nearly 900 years to relinquish the beliefs in the Greek Gods at sometime in the 9th century. Most likely the last of them were converted to monotheism at the Mani Peninsula near Greece. So we have a lot of work to do to transition the religious to science. About 700 more years. We’re still in the pioneering phase. I would even venture a guess that this is just the evolution of the process.


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14 thoughts on “MLK was Right for the Wrong Reasons (maybe)”

  1. And here’s a cheery thought – I live in southern New England. As a whole the region is some 25% atheist now and religious belief is starting to fade like crazy. Even the Catholic church used to be 62% of people in RI were Catholic, now they say it’s 50%.

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    1. Maybe it will be quicker in some places than others. Some of the southerners and country folk really have their heels dug in. I think the US is going to be the longest problem. I could see places in Europe on par with NE, but I’d have to see

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  2. I think the change can be astonishingly fast, inside two generations. What works against that is poverty. Religion thrives amongst the poor, it’s the hope they need to embrace to make life bearable.

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    1. I would guess it could go quick. At least here in the states it’s big money too. I can’t help but think so many of the big preachers are already atheist but lie to keep the cash flowing. You can only learn so much about Christianity before you have to overlook all the evidence against and the non evidence. I’m encouraged by your optimism, and you may be right. I know with other deep rooted issues, like racism, can be changed in one generation.

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  3. “Change.” Transition. Evolution. Mutation or morphing or adapting. When we humans experience firsthand all of this VERY NATURAL movement, birth, growth, and death, we see it in only 1 maybe 2 human generations! That’s about 80 – 90 years? Earth is only 4.5 billion years old, floating in a galaxy about 13.2 billion years old, floating in a Cosmos that is about 14-billion years old, with an estimated 400-billion stars or Suns in our Milky Way galaxy, which is inside an estimated 400-billion stars or Suns in our Milky Way galaxy! Just TRY to imagine all the neverending change happening right now, every minute, day, month, year, decade, and so on.

    And we think “change” over an 80 – 90 year period, or even a century, is a big deal!? HAH!!! 🤣 GET. OVER. YOUR… SELF. ALREADY!!! You/We don’t have a say in any of it so EMBRACE IT!!! Live your life to the fullest with all the constant change!

    How much further progress and ingenuity WOULD’VE been seen already had we gotten over ourselves 2,000 or 3,000 years ago? 🤔😲

    Provocative post Jim.

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    1. Excellent perspective. I mentioned last week that after I die in 30 or 40 years no one will ever remember my existence again. The gal thought I was morbid and cold. She was delusioned thinking even her family would remember her much past that. Just the way it is. So what?We place so much value on “right now” that we fail to see things are going on whether we like it or not. It’s going to change respectless of faith. There. I just added two new words to the dictionary. Hell even I didn’t see that coming!

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  4. The South is very deep in it, but so are some places up north…mostly rural and/or poor. I use to live in NC and there was a Baptist church on every corner…literally.

    Just curious…have you ever run across a deconverted Jewish or Muslim person? I’ve known Jewish atheists, but not deconverts.


    1. There is a pretty good blog I follow of an Iranian ex Muslim. He has great insights. No Jewish that I know of. One of my posts was about him with his link. I can find it later if you can’t


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