New Snow

For those of you that live in the warm countries, a little video for you enjoyment after the new snow. (11 seconds)

For those of you still stuck in the snow, my apologies. This crew comes to visit every morning. I do like this part of living here!

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One minute info blogs escaping the faith trap.

12 thoughts on “New Snow”

  1. We had 26° yesterday morning. Does that count for anything? 🙂

    Overall, we’re had a very mild winter. Since we just moved to this area (we live in Oregon … pretty much mid-state), we’re not sure if this is “normal,” but folks have told us there’s usually MUCH more rain. Where we lived before (more southerly), we got at least some snow most every winter. Not anywhere near what your pictures showed, however!

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      1. Oh. That’s not as bad as I imagined. Need my glasses on. ” or ‘ look the same when they’re blurry.


    1. It is super cool. We also have predators. Cougar, wolf, coyotes, along with rabbits,grouse, quail and owls. It’s a regular paradise for us.

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    1. We had a big snow then 34 and rainy drizzle for two months. The ground just started showing a couple days ago and now this. I have a house to build so hoping for an early spring. Oh well. Boreas is in charge so he knows best


      1. I note one side effect of the slightly warmer weather – is an inundation with mice. But they do love extra crunchy peanut butter so they hit the re-usable traps frequently.

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    1. Exactamente!! Been a long winter. But I have done well on my daughters house. Hole is dug and power is ordered and scheduled. Plans are ready and barn is going up next week. Then the house. I’ll take one for the team this year.

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