Bully Sticks and Converts

My son in law has a beauty of a German shepherd pup. He’s 8 months old and just untrained, goofy, and overly friendly. They have been giving him bully sticks for chew treats and he just loves them. I’m happy the dog is happy, but does he know he’s eating dehydrated bull penis? I don’t have the heart to tell him, but would he understand anyhow?

Christian newbies can also be full of zeal and eager to share their recent conversion in praise to their lord. But do they know what the ingredients are? When one finds out the inner fallacies of the church and the discrepancies and excuses, what kind of taste is that going to leave in his pallet? One can try to spruce it up with seasonings or cut it up and add it to a stew, but deep down he knows he’s still digesting a line of BS. If he tells his friends the bowl is full of bull penis first, do you think there would be any takers. The facts of religion must be disguised to be palatable for human consumption. And once you know what’s in it, you won’t want to try it no matter how you slice it.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

11 thoughts on “Bully Sticks and Converts”

  1. Don’t put that challenge out there. Someone will take you up on it. “When a bull penis comes between us, all you need is Jesus.” See what I mean? You’ve got me doing it now. 🙂

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  2. Interesting point you make here. I liken it to the Vatican Library – where you have to have an invitation to visit. I sometimes ponder what’s in the holy of holies there – I suppose I’d have to learn Latin, Greek and Aramaic but there’s time for that. I wager I’d find out that it’s only based on so much bovine effluent as opposed to something of substance.

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    1. Yes. The Vatican library would be the perfect example of theological pizzle stew. You want to know what’s in it, but you don’t.

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