Listening for the Spirit

When I was a boy I was told this quote as part of a larger story. “The first order issued by a commander mounting a military invasion is the jamming of the channels of communication of those he intends to conquer.” Paraphrasing now, The devil has influenced this culture of noise and hustle and loud music that blocks out the still small voice of the spirit, and in order to receive the spirit and personal revelation, we were instructed to find places of quiet in our lives to listen to the promptings of god. Careful study and thoughtful prayer and meditation to hear the prompting of god yielded nothing. I went out in the woods and found solitude, humbly prayed as best as I could, and never heard a damn thing. Nobody does! They give it their best to find answers, and finally realize if you want answers, we would have to make our own way in the world, not dependent on proven time wasting techniques as prayer.

Keep trying they say, and it will come. The truth is , you can convince yourself of anything if that is your focus. I remember a couple of years ago, Victoria (neuronotes) had a piece on praying for what answers you want. It was compelling evidence that finding truth with this premise in mind gave you the answer you desired, not an answer in reality. Prayer does not work.


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45 thoughts on “Listening for the Spirit”

  1. How deep does the silence have to get before you realise no one is talking back. To me a prayer is a single person conversation that simply gets your feelings expressed, either mentally or verbally. That is not a conversation it is a monolog. Hugs

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    1. I used to think prayer was meaningful and that God was listening. I felt good venting to him because I “knew” he understood me like no one else could. Now I realize I was just talking to myself and I just hope no one was watching me, saying, “Who’s that guy talking to? He looks crazy.” “I don’t know. Just keep moving. Don’t make eye contact.”

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      1. When I was young I used to talk to my imaginary friend. My parents took me to a special hospital with lots of toys and they would watch me play from behind a mirror. But when I said my prayers at night, they’d tell me what a good boy I was. From then on when I talked to my imaginary friend, sometimes my parents would ask me who I was talking to, and I would just say Jesus. Again, they said I was such a good boy. From then on I had a personal friend no one could see named jesus. His real name was Bugg. So I guess in a way I had the jesus bug pretty early. That’s how I was saved. Growing up can be so confusing.

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        1. Very confusing indeed. I also said my nighttime prayers to Jesus, right at bedtime. He was my bedbug. Problem is, bedbugs spread and make a lot of people sick. But once you get that itch, you just want more of it. Until of course, you realize bedbugs are bad for you. Something you should have realized from the beginning as it is common sense.

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  2. It’s funny that old school clergy complained about how loud music blocks out the still small voice of the spirit given that the most successful churches now actively employ the latest and greatest A/V equipment money can buy to induce their members into feeling the spirit.

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          1. Yes. I remember reading the article but forgot to bookmark it. Thanks for re-posting the link.

            Whether knowingly or not, Billy Graham used those techniques to increase his alter calls.

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  3. You didn’t try hard enough, Jim. Or vice versa, you tried too hard, not letting the answer just flow … funny how that works, eh? Can’t win for losing.

    I do strongly recommend people give the meditation thing a shot, though. Not with a specific goal in mind, that rather defeats the purpose. And the full Eightfold Path isn’t a requirement, either. I do my best meditating on horseback, or walking the dog. Just let the mind have a bit of a rest for once, and smell the roses. Or horses. Or snow.

    Sometimes you can actually get advice from the gods you didn’t ask for. Like “Look, dummy! Wet ground means watch where you’re going! Mighty Tyr, over and out.”

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  4. One reason I share this fairly embarrassing highlight of my life, is many others are stuck in the same thing. Always trying to hit that connection that is promised and testified. I know there are a lot of people out there that share my experience, and when you share it with other believers you just feel like you don’t measure up, or you’re just not spiritual enough. You are not alone. Several of us right here can tell you the same thing. It never worked and you just roll with because of trust of others and doubt in your level of commitment. Just keep trying. You’ll see. It doesn’t work.

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  5. I went out in the woods and found solitude, humbly prayed as best as I could, and never heard a damn thing.

    Well, there ARE some people who do indeed hear plenty… voices. They are usually off their psych-meds, but still the DO hear the voices — some of them “straight from the Lord.” 😮 Which Lord? That’s a different subject all together.

    Prayer does not work.

    It doesn’t work as far as influencing your sphere of influence, but meditation does help self and the body. 😉 Hehe

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    1. Yes. Increased self awareness and mindfulness are exceedingly good practices. And anyone can do that without the need for doubt in their own spirituality

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  6. As I have mentioned to other believers who insist they hear the voice of (their) god. If Mother Teresa never heard the voice of her god, I just cannot imagine that anyone else ever did either. The power of imagination – isn’t it remarkable? 😉

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        1. Yes. He was a skilled whack job. Every movement needs a charismatic leader that receives all the revelation for the group. You just hope they are not psychopaths.


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