Are We Getting Any Better at All?

In 1918 world population was 1.8 Billion people. The world record 100 meter dash of 10.6 seconds was set by Donald Lippincott from the United States. 100 years later with 7.6 Billion people we have managed to shave off one second, bowing to Usain Bolt from Jamaica. With all the advances in science and nutrition and training. 1 second! With 6 Billion more people to choose from!

Maybe, we’re more intelligent? Have we learned to discard the notions of childhood fable and superstitions? With almost all available knowledge at our fingertips, not much has changed.

In 1910 approximately 34.8% of the world population was Christian. In 2010 that number was about 32%. A 2-3% decrease. Islam is up 10% but with a population growth of six billion people worldwide, number went from the 225,000 range to 1.5 billion Muslims, with Christians coming in at 2,260,440,000. Muslim fertility rates are much higher, and projections show a dead heat by the year 2050 Muslims and Christians will be near parody [sic] with equal percentages at about 30% each of the world population. CHARTWhy is it so hard to abandon the superstitious god worship? I know that conversions are down, and most of the growth comes from fertility rates as islam has reached a self perpetuating critical mass, just as Christianity did in the past. It’s going to be up to our kids to get us past this stunt in our growth. Press on, but be patient. I think we’re close to big changes in the next few generations.

“I contend that we are [all] atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours”. Stephen Roberts


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28 thoughts on “Are We Getting Any Better at All?”

  1. The Christian numbers are hugely inflated. I’m still counted in that number. No doubt, you’re still counted, too. Of my 20 closest friends from school, only one goes to church today (and that’s mostly because of his wife), yet all 20 are still counted as Catholics. Church attendence would be a far better measure, but the Vatican won’t release those numbers.

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    1. Very true. I’m not sure about the Islamic Sunday school roll call and how that is decided. Maybe someone else knows how they come up with the numbers. I know here we tend to underestimate our opponents. Wearing a keffiyeh doesn’t make you dumb as we have been propagandized to believe. I do think the Muslim numbers are growing as multiple sources seem fairly consistent.


        1. Other points I read a couple of weeks ago is islam has passed the point of no return even here If trends stay the same. Christianity may have worked itself silly, but Islam seems to be a serious and somber step backwards in social progress. Look what’s happened in Iran since religious rule was reclaimed in 1979.

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            1. “And what has he lost who has found God? There is no God but Allah” If monotheism is evil, Islam is his master. It doesn’t look pretty. Arabic as a second language might not be a bad idea. We never really give them credit as we never know what they’re saying.

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    2. The pedophilia charges against priests are likely higher than church attendance attendance rates for Catholics these days. Well, even if Catholicism dies out, we’ve got Islam to keep up the grand ole connection between pedophilia and religion, so we’ve little to worry about there. Remember what Jesus said to his cousin Morty in 27 AD, “Morty, there ain’t nuttin’ better’n sex wit a kid. Now, I ain’t tellin’ ya’ ta do dat, but, if for some inexplicable reason you find yerself doin’ da nasty wit a kid, you’ll see what I means. Now, hand me dat vodka. I mean ta get my drunk on ta’night!”

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      1. Well Ron, what gets you excommunicated in one religion, might get you 70 virgins and a Bacha in the other. Depends on who the crime is against. If it’s against another faith it’s no blasphemy. In the lds speaking out against leaders will get you axed, as well as fornicadora.


        1. To be honest, 70 virgins isn’t a reward. I prefer experience. But yeah, it’s about protecting the organization you’re in, more than anything.

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          1. 70 virgins giggling and braiding hair sounds like a lot of noise. But a sound proof room in heaven would be easy. It is good to know the woman before she was a virgin anyhow. 🙂


    1. I think you’re right, but fear tactics could be at play as the bogey man gains a stronger footing we will hear the fearful side of things askew. It’s hard to separate propaganda from facts.


  2. “by the year 2050 Muslims and Christians will be near parody with equal percentages at about 30% each of the world population. ”

    I know you meant “parity” but please leave it and put in a [sic].

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        1. We have a two for one right now. One box slightly smaller fits into the other. But don’t worry, all the facts are still there. It’s magic. And it saves space. The new boxes also have a magic wine spigot on them. To get wine all you have to do is add wine.


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