God’s Disguises or NeoPolytheism

With all of the different gods that have ever ruled the minds of men, never has the same god appeared twice to us. Or has he? Since the conversion to monotheistic belief, god has had to do some wardrobe work. It’s as though he’s incognito to blend into each part of the world, and between costume changes and polymorphing into different entities behind the curtain, lies a loving father that just doesn’t know the difference between confusing doctrine and cross dressing.

Our latest version is depicted as a hippie sage in a robe and sandals and he has been seen primarily in the western countries. Long hair and a beard and robe is cool, but hardly inconspicuous these days.

His wardrobe changes as often as his wisdom and is as consistent as his cruelty. In India he dresses the part of his mood for the day. I can’t explain it, and pictures are worth the saved text.

In the Middle East and Africa, Allah is not depicted in photos, but as Abraham, then Muhammad are central figures; more robes. And knives.

In China we get four of the “top ten” Chinese folk religion motifs

And then there’s the Buddha.

So, depending on where you are from, god plays the part and blends to local culture and custom. And since we know there is only one god, he obviously has a quite a wardrobe team behind the scenes.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

35 thoughts on “God’s Disguises or NeoPolytheism”

  1. I believe there is something out there bigger than us but yes god is different to everyone. I was raised Christian but have swayed more toward spiritualism. Would love to here more about your paramedic experiences. I know you saw a lot and people should realize all you have been through. Iโ€™m sure you have so much hate for drunk drivers and such after all you have seen.

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  2. For certain. After leaving the church I found most of everything I said or thought wasn’t me at all. It was good to find the real me. Way better than the old one.

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  3. Interesting. I always wondered why we as a species went from the popular polytheism to a single one god figure. Of course some christian religions are poly as they have one god who is three distinct beings. Hugs

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  4. Christians got this 3 gods in one business all wrong. There are actually 4 gods in one, even though, through faith alone, the religion remains a monotheistic one. There’s God the padre: Yahweh; God the son: Jesus; God the spirit: Holy Ghost, and God the deli shop owner: Burt Steinberg–maker of the best damned deli sandwiches in all of creation. Apparently there was a falling out between Burt and the other 3 gods over who owned what percentage of the deli shop business, so the other three gods refuse to include Burt in any of their sayings, teachings and prayers. But he’s real, and he’s whipping up deli sandwiches as I write this right now. Time for a corned beef on rye!

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    1. When I was in the faith It was obvious that there was more than 1 god. Who did Jesus pray to in the garden? But for some reason they tried to explain it away. 4th century nonsense. But alas… it’s just as easy for me to dismiss 4 gods as it is one. All nonsense

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        1. Don’t you remember when your great grandfather prayed 70 years ago and a non relative wrote it down in a memory book some 70 years later? That’s similar to how I know. My dads great uncles sisters husbands grandmothers grandfather saw it happen. He didn’t write it down til 5 decades later, but is was perfectly accurate. You’re so skeptical. I Put a lot into this reconstructed false narrative of a magic trick. Who are you to ruin it Nan?

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  5. Just FYI, as far as my cats are concerned I am the god. I am wearing sweats at the moment. All of us gods don’t necessarily have to be well dressed.

    I always sorta wondered why people loved the jeebus hippie god, but tended to frown upon other long haired hippie types with no visible means of support…

    (I sported long hair during my dope smoking teen years, I was a late sprouting hippie)

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  6. From a Roman Polytheist’s perspective, I have come to realize that there are Monotheistic Gods – not just one. Each is rooted in the culture They sprang from. Allah is different from the Christian God, which is actually Roman-Jewish. (The Roman Catholic calendar follows the traditional Roman with some exceptions for the Celtic holidays such as Halloween.)What They all have in common is that they lack a female partner, and do not play well with Others.

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    1. That was a bit of my thinking of origins as well. “If” I believed in any of it, I thought the divisions and territorial aspects of regional gods proves your point a bit. Not sure if they would talk amongst themselves, or if a longstanding truce has been formed long ago, and they are respecting current boundaries since god on god battles would be futile. Peace is a good calm for now. Excellent comment!

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          1. The default for humans is belief in many Gods. However, the Monotheistic authorities have done their best to root that out. On top of that is the idea that many beliefs are nothing more than Ur-Monotheism, and that the natural progression is to One God. “The Deities are Many” by Johnathan Paper discusses this in regards to Native American religions and Chinese religions. Paper writes from the Polytheist point of view.

            Embedded in many folk traditions such as Italian or Irish is Polytheism, which went underground. The “Good” Folk .i.e. fairies is one such tradition that endures. Various Roman Catholic Saints such as Bridget or Lucina are Gods adopted into Catholicism. The Dome of the Rock at Mecca is the ancient temple of an Arab Goddess, and not Allah related. Allah has three daughters who are phases of the moon.

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            1. My goal now is a logic in progression. Animism to polytheism to hedonism to monotheism, and the next evolutionary phase would be atheism.

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            2. Even this Christian attempt to promote monotheism is not scriptural. But the apologetics tries very hard to turn their 3 into 1. It never made sense.

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