New Portable EEG

Edinburgh University, Scotland has developed a prototype EEG and has tested it on 95 volunteers over the age of 65. The study is recording brain activity in everyday situations in different urban settings from busy streets to parks.

I am imagining the implications here, and as an irreligious writer I am eager to get this device into the hands of neurotheologist researchers. Can we strap this baby on to some Pentecostal regulars and mega church parishioners? Can we get Mel to volunteer to wear this during a blog fight? This image shows average brain regions for 22 subjects during testing. Blue areas represent brain regions more active when telling the truth, red areas, when lying. How much red inside the head? Can we get some prayer? Can somebody please record the conversion process and confirm what part of the brain started this mess? Oh the implications are grand, and to get this everywhere to corroborate the overwhelming evidence that brain function creates spiritual experience? The floodgates are about to open. The field is ripe, and ready to harvest. Maybe we can end this debate once and for all. Here is a great 2 min video of right brain left brain with separated corpus callosum.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

27 thoughts on “New Portable EEG”

  1. Every politician and Faux News employee should have to wear these things with a direct link to a viewscreen for the audience to observe, and identify how badly they are being lied to.

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  2. I’d like to see the pushers of religious stuff being made to wear these things, connected to a widescreen public display during a churchy preaching session (the officiating priest/pastor/pusher … not the dupes).

    Colour display, of course — with a tamper-proof set up so that neither priest nor God can tweak it.

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    1. I’d wouldn’t be opposed to some evidence based religious initiative either, based on some found religious fact of some type. Maybe they’d get lucky or twist the data in their favor. “I believe” is such a cop out and gets a free pass. Even FSM got church status under the current rules, and that’s better than any other religion. At least you can prove there is pasta. Not so much with the others. They do have an occasional pot luck to keep them honest at something.

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  3. I believe the Right brain to be the aRtistic half and the Left brain to the the Logical half …

    Which if true, makes a comment on to whom the priest is appealing in his BS transmission sessions. And what is done with it, and why …

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  4. Since you guys have already commented on the religious/secular aspects of wearing portable EEG’s, I’ll skip to another human activity and performances married thespians do or do not do.

    Wouldn’t it be VERY VERY cool if all married couples wore these for about 10-20-30 years of their marriage? Or better yet, couples wearing those portable video-cams (like police officers now wear) for 10-30 years of their marriage!? At ANY given time a spouse can view or download ALL the data or video… to actually see and/or hear EVERYTHING their “Love” has done and said, especially when apart!!!!!??? 🤩😈

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      1. Hahahaha! Even “boring” is still VERY revealing — demonstrates perhaps another facet of a person/spouse. I would be very intrigued how people/spouses interacted with others, i.e. the opposite sex, same sex, attractive, funny, angry, and what innuendos where spoken, etc. I think people/spouses would learn an ENTIRE book of things about their betrothed/wedded they didn’t quite know before. 😄😈

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    1. I submit that petty lies serve a vital function: they lubricate our social interactions. Can you imagine the strife that would ensue from informing your spouse/partner what you ‘really think’ of that new outfit, or telling your boss what you really think of their spouse/partner/offspring?

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      1. HAH! Good points Ron. However, define “petty.” Is your definition identical to other’s definition? 😎

        Would openly processing the supposed pettiness or lying or RAW truth benefit future cognitive and behavioral interactions between couples/friends/bosses? Would not more refined understandings result? Would not strife be reduced? Why or why not?

        Should ALL attempts at refined understanding be abandoned or even forbidden? 🤩

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        1. “An it harm none do what ye will.” ~Wiccan Rede

          I’m a pragmatist, so the answer depends on the circustances. On matters of fact, honesty is the probably the best policy. However, on matters of opinion and taste, I’m a bit more cautious. Regarding the new outfit: If the person is soliciting your opinion prior to finalizing a purchase decision, then being honest is a safe bet. But if it is being sought after the purchase, they’re more likly than not fishing for complements and being brutally honest will lead to a lonely night on the couch.

          Naturally, I can think of counterexamples, as well. Telling coworkers their fly is open or there’s mustard on their shirt — while awkward — will likely be met with gratitude because they can take corrective actions to avoid further embarrassment.

          From my standpoint, I’d prefer everyone be totally honest. But experience leads me to conclude that many people would rather be lied to.

          Don’t forget that most children start life being forthright and candid in expressing their opinions. It’s the adults who train them to lie if there’s any possibility the recipient(s) might take offence.

          What are your thoughts and experiences?

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          1. Does my blog make my ass look big? Careful how you answer, I may want you to lie to me. I get your point. Society here is offended so easily that lying is a way of life.

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          2. As far as in intimate, personal relationships, i.e. lovers, partners, spouses, dear friends, family members, your important inner circles, I am a personal fan of Paolo Coehlo

            Telling the truth and making someone cry is better than telling a lie and making them smile.

            However, in the field of combat or conflict with outer circles or “enemies,” deception and cryptology are sometimes a very handy tool. It certainly benefitted the world bringing WW2 to a quicker end, saving more millions of human lives.


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