The Perfect God (and tom turkey)

Why, if god exists, does he have to be perfect and omnipotent? What would be the problem of a “not all powerful god”, but one that had a skill for creating things? The insistence on a perfect and kind, loving god is contradictory to scripture and the natural world.

Aaannd, the first tom turkey showed up in the yard this morning. Very cool. He reminds me of god a little. He’s all puffed up for a big show, but up close he’s an ugly dude. Struts around bossing everyone when they were doing just fine before he showed up.

Courtesy of Professor Taboo-

Sound Effects


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

19 thoughts on “The Perfect God (and tom turkey)”

    1. They have found respite here on the property. We do get a few hunters though, and spring hunt is after breeding season. They are pretty elusive then. You can see by his color he’s got no blood flow to his brain right now. Lol

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  1. Well let’s hope those hunters get some sense about them.
    Such a beautiful animal, wish I was lucky enough to see that kind of wild life where I live

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    1. They come every day in the winter. Winter is pretty long here so we feed them a little every day to help out. When the snow is gone I don’t see them too often, but their summer feathers are stunning.

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    1. Between the kids and the wilds, it a pretty happening place. Deer, elk, moose, cats, wolves, birds … it’s pretty neat. Quail came yesterday too.


        1. I have a short story compilation I’m working on. It’s all true, but some of the names have been changed to protect me. Lol. I’ll send a chapter to you on email when I polish one up.


  2. Ha! He’s struttin’ his stuff like he’s James Brown:

    Come here sister, Papa’s in the swing
    He ain’t too hip, about that new breed babe
    He ain’t no drag
    Papa’s got a brand new bag

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    1. I got some more this morning and last night. Pretty cool watching them show off. I think they lose all the blood to their brains this time of year. Hence, the blue head. Lol

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