More Wild Turkey (not Mel) A Religious Model

15 second video

It’s pretty fascinating to watch the similarities between religion and a Rooster like Mel here. He shows up and throws his weight around, disrupting what is peaceful and trying to force others to comply to his way. This Tom turkey here, appears to have also studied the Quran. He is abusive and carries an air of dominance. Side note: Hens lay eggs even without him, and some (40%) are asexual and don’t need a rooster (religion). The numbers even match up to what we see in humanities need for a higher power. “Almost all vertebrates reproduce sexually, i.e. the sperm and egg join to form an embryo. Vertebrates that reproduce asexually are exceptionally rare, however turkeys are one such species that can do so. Many explanations are given as to why turkeys reproduce asexually on occasion (as high as 40% of offspring are products of parthenogenesis): low sperm count, male unavailability etc. I’ll offer one of my own. Female turkeys see males (photo above) and think, “No way in hell am I having sex with that!” Their heads are blue during breeding. It appears to have a lack of oxygen to the brain. They are very vulnerable during mating season.

dedicated to Ron

Author: jim-

One minute info blogs escaping the faith trap.

12 thoughts on “More Wild Turkey (not Mel) A Religious Model”

  1. This reminded me Jim of a hilarious interview/panel session on Real Time with Bill Maher. To Bill’s left was former EPA Director Gina McCarthy. Listen to her later (at the 5:35 mark) three simple points to remember about climate change and all its bad consequences. It is profoundly funny and too true! 🀣 “I’m sick of cleaning…” don’t want to spoil it. πŸ˜‰

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  2. parthenogenesis?

    Bah! That’s just your biased naturalistic scientism talking.

    It’s a miracle. God has sent direct evidence of virgin births right to your yard. What more proof do you want? Repent! πŸ™‚

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