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TCA Science Update 3-31-2018

Mental health experts in co-dependency and Nano-3D printing technology has inadvertently discovered through reverse engineering models of human brains, an isolated cerebral diencephalic, mini-cortex tissue they are calling “the gullible region”. Under intense magnification, scientists have found what appears to be a pointless bridge denoting a cross-configured, double conjectured loop where archaic information is stored and transferred, restricting adrenal output and limiting “fight or flight” capabilities during religious indoctrination. Using accelerated computer models to view time-lapse evolutionary advancement, it was noted in 35% of test subjects that, “thought processes contrary to adhered beliefs actually atrophies the bridge”, allowing the subject to think for himself and gain immediate discernment. As 3D nano printers advance, coupled with microwave synthesis, researchers are certain a co-dependency cure will be forthcoming, and will soon be as routine as a lasix procedure. “Crossing the blood- brain barrier is the next step in nano research”, as for now a small incision is required. “Think of it as an uncircumcision incision, that is much less invasive than the purported benefits”.

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Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

12 thoughts on “Technology Updates”

    1. Thanks Eileen. I can dream. Although Neurotheology is probably my favorite newer scientific discipline. There are regions of the brain that can be manipulated through research or disease processes or times of stress that mimic or recreate the spiritual experience. Very fascinating field of study, and without these specific regions of the brain, no compassion, empathy, morality, speech, and so forth. Or by stimulating certain areas you get anger or a serial killer.

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    1. How interesting and just a little obvious too. Of course, only to us. That’s why all religionists need to sign up for the uncircumcision incision. Clarity is instant. You know, it’s funny, but so many deconverts like myself have a instant moment of clarity. Literally as though a switch was flipped.

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  1. “Think of it as an uncircumcision incision, that is much less invasive than the purported benefits”

    OMFGoddesses! This is hilariously good Jim!!! 🤣 But… it isn’t true, or all true, right!? 😳

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    1. It is true in many senses, as research is baring out, but the surgery is a few weeks out, or years. But literally for most of us it is a very similar experience deconverting. In an instant it is gone.

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