Anybody want some crazy?

Here is my final comment to a post here This is a little like Mel, but narrower. Here’s my final reply. We’ll see if it moderates.

Difficult for you to see the humor,

Once I was in your shoes,

Everything so serious,

So much of you to lose,

So much time invested,

In the fable you call god,

That good sense out the window,

Won’t call a fraud a fraud,

For if I may I’ll be so bold,

And try to do with tact,

But everything your selling off,

Has everything but fact,

It has the how’s with maybe’s,

Conjectured ambiguity,

Guesses based on hopes and dreams,

Fails you in realities,

Your quick to point a finger,

But observations firm,

Don’t forget to look around you,

There is so much more to learn,

The books you read are narrow points,

Funnels dropped of religious care,

But faith requires no good sense,

As lone disciplines can attest,

A skewed vision of life and love,

You think you have it all,

Your good book’s made your messy mind,

And you want me to take the fall,

I may not have all the answers yet,

With that I’m not concerned,

With your head shoved so far up your ass,

You’ll fail where others learned.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

25 thoughts on “Anybody want some crazy?”

  1. I went and read the “Perfect Lover” post that spawned all of this, and I have to say that I’d question any benefit of an exchange with someone actively claiming to know the minds of non-Christians. That person’s point is a variation on the verse in Romans which claims everyone secretly knows there’s just Yahweh and nobody else. Such a position is at the least casually dismissive of actual secular experiences. In practice, it comes across as being intentionally ignorant of them.

    For example, I’m writing this comment because of a religious person writing ideas worthy of critique. Does this mean I’m hypocritically feigning disinterest while secretly harboring thoughts of what the Christian deity will do to me after I die? Hardly. But if we take this comment as the initiating idea, it would be easier to make that point or at least pretend it’s valid.

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      1. It’s easy to understand why; the post misrepresents the majority of atheists who act, think, and behave contrary to that person’s statements. Criticism of religion isn’t necessarily hostility towards religion. And watching religious people get away with misrepresenting facts is tough.

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          1. The OP’s characterization of your position as lazy relies too much on the gaps of human knowledge. If the OP was correct, anyone dismissing Russell’s teapot is equally as lazy. Hell, anyone dismissing unicorns that shit rainbow candy is lazy.

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  2. Tis, tis, tis Jim. 😉 You snapped at the ‘bait’ didn’t you? LOL

    Listen to me saying that when I’m soon going to comment on his latest post Why did Jesus do it? BUT… as SB above points out that “getting away with misrepresenting facts,” …for myself, I don’t like it when he/they represent a distorted version of Biblical narratives or at least don’t portray OTHER interpretations/exegesis that could be (or are) just as true within a much bigger historical context! So yes, I’m about to snap on ‘the bait’ as well. 😜

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    1. Wasn’t that something. It made me think the comments were written ahead of time or something. Made no sense at all, but accusation is part of their playbook.

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  3. “I can be flamboyant in writing”

    Ain’t that the truth:

    Characters – 6515
    Words – 1104
    Sentences – 49
    Paragraphs – 10

    Too bad they convey no coherent arguments.

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  4. Religious dogma is unresponsive to any and all counter indicators and is fair game to ridicule, mockery, snarkery, shaming, derision and light hearted kidding. When stinkin thinkin is the currency on offer all’s fair and my asshole persona blossoms. Not as poetic as your response but a guilty pleasure I feel initialed too.

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  5. A pretentious prick who has the skill to thread sentences together. But not quite able to say much with it, other than being a snide ass know it all.

    Second paragraph is an insult…having to deal with atheistic non thought (pretentious prick much?)

    Next paragraph is such massive projection, he would make a case study.

    Then he carefully dances around any straightforward anything for a while before he gets back to prententious prickism.

    You’re wasting time on this blowhard Jim. Take some time for yourself, have a good drink, and a walk. Get some air. Enjoy life a bit. people like this ain’t worth the trouble.

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    1. Nice job. The consensus was you are very wordy and say nothing. Those are not my words so take that to heart. I know you understand yourself perfectly, but you initial blanket accusations about atheists was very narrow. I’ll put my group toe to toe with anyone, any where. Very educated, many with multiple degrees and read the Bible in the original language. Many ex ministers and seminary graduates that had congregations that all came to a crossroads and saw the fallacy outweighs the fact . The fact is, faith is something you choose to do, and that’s your business, but when you tag atheism in your post, your either having your own doubts and faith crisis, or looking for a fight. That’s the two general options. You have an unverifiable, untestable creed and book, and for most it requires nothing to obtain, and nothing to maintain, but act gut shot if someone points out the obvious flaws. I have sat where you are today. I too came to the crossroads. Nothing in the church, nothing at all, confirmed anything concrete. All bias validation and pressure to conform. Did it for fifty years out of faith, and when I looked outside the lens of religion, the switch flipped and I was freed. I no longer believed a word of it. I’m sure you think monsters when you think atheist, but I’ll tell you, just the other day I was asked if I was a believer. I said no. Not at all. She said ,”oh, you just seemed so nice”. All these people here are great people that don’t believe in god. One less god than you do, as the saying goes.

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  6. I love this!
    Been boogered by thoughts of paganism and holidays. The “fact” that so many things came from religions like pretzels and candy canes… again, how were these documented? Who was the publisher?

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