A Logical Version

Because of the sin of Adam and Eve death came into the world, and the resurrection of Jesus was supposed to reverse the “wages of sin which is death, and grant immortality and eternal life. If the story of Jesus were true, after his death and resurrection showed the victory over the grave, everyone should automatically be immortal. No more death. Wouldn’t that be the logical conclusion?


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

38 thoughts on “A Logical Version”

  1. Yep. That WOULD be the logical conclusion, but alas…

    some 2,000 years later there are STILL walking Zombies amongst us with crosses in their blinkless eyes. Yikes!!! 😧 RUN!!! RUN AWAY!!! 😛

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    1. If his sacrifice was a reversal of the mistakes, it only makes sense that it would be immediate. But the reality and the fossil records show, people were dying long before Adam and Eve. How is that possible?? Yikes. I smell something funny.

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      1. People dying BEFORE Adam and Eve? Impossible! I mean, c’mon … have you forgotten THEY were the FIRST humans? Sheesh. Where’s your bible smarts?

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  2. Well, according various Polytheistic traditions, the Dead are amongst the Living. People have multiple souls, several of which survive the death of the body. These Dead can procreate and do all the rest. In other words, Christ is very much alive and living in Argentina with his tenth wife and eight children.

    Christianity in trying to kill Paganism decided it had to destroy the relationship between the Dead and the Living. i.e. make everyone believe that the Dead were figments of our imaginations. Purgatory came about because the pesky Dead didn’t get that memo, and the Church had to come up with some explanation for that.

    And of course, they flipped it that the Living had to give to the Church for the Dead to leave Purgatory. In Roman Polytheism, the Dead help the Living by guiding them and by living in their homes.

    Anyway, today is when the women go into the men’s baths and pray to Venus and Fortune for better love lives.

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  3. Every Easter people proclaim that he is risen. Where does he go the other 364 days of the year? The people proclaim this in their finest Sunday clothing and then go back to being the self loathing sinners they are.

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    1. They don’t have to be good citizens or care about people of non Christian backgrounds, or protect the earth, or care about the future. God will return and burn, and fix everything for them, so why worry? Holidays are just a refresher in the way things will be once we are all eliminated.

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    2. Christine, I’ve been a part and regular member of many churches, but I found the Evangy-Charismatic churches to be the worst regarding getting and findig “rises.” Never have I been constantly hit-on (propositioned) in those churches by so many women, some married or on staff! It redefined the meaning of risen, risen ego, risen spirits, and the RISEN male-part to decadent heathen heights!!! 😲🤭

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      1. Hahahahah! They wanted to lay their hands on you! They wanted you to rise to that occasion. (Sorry, I found your comment funny. I hope you’re ok) Seriously, many people there are sexually repressed and the creeper factor comes out at the most unexpected times. Jim and I invited a new member of the LSD church over for Christmas dinner back in the day. We were shocked that he thought he was invited to a ménage a trois. That was followed by an even creepier conversation about his preference of dark meat over white meat. 😂 ah, Christmas Yule. Aren’t the origins of Easter pagan or have something to do with fertility?

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    1. Now, only Barry is left. Bet they never realized how quickly time would pass when they sang “Time is Passing By” in their first live television performance 58 years ago.

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        1. With prayer it’s impossible, but with Google all things are possible. Trust in the search engine with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own memory. In all thy ways acknowledge it, and it shall direct thy paths.

          And yes, I love watching old clips like this.

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            1. At the moment it’s both empty and private due to time constraints and severe indecision about what to write. Ideally, I’d prefer to focus on non-religious topics.

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            2. We’ll bring it on brother! I have other stuff that’s private too. I have a nonfiction I’m on chapter five.


            3. Aha! Another creative writer in our midst! I too have written a line or two … see https://chasingthemuses.wordpress.com.

              I must admit, however, that the site languishes as my more “right-brain” (at least according to tradition) muse has been pushed aside by topics-du-jour. Perhaps when tRump leaves office, I’ll find my way back to more imaginative writing.

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  4. Any one with the balls to look behind the curtain, can easily see that religious myths have more holes in the stories than the Jolly Green Giant’s colander.

    Fear, guilt, and tribal bonding, keeps most of the indoctrinated from looking. Fear, no one wants to be ostracized because of the tribal bond, or burn in imaginary hell. Guilt, is a result of the oppressive attack on peoples tendencies to be human, having wants-needs-desires = sin. Or the other human trait that needs stomping, pride. Because none of us should feel like we accomplished anything because the lard is our benefactor.

    Yep, once they are done with the programming there isn’t much left of a persons individuality, or ability to reason. Only the lucky few with the balls to look behind the curtain find a way out.

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    1. I think your comment about the tribal bond should be explored. I am convinced SD, that the fear of which you speak is at least 53.7 – 62.2% part of the problem. The loudest are the most insecure in the faith, and become respectable leaders and drive the bus. This game is powerful and plays in the weakest parts of the human psyche.


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