Raised in Religion, Born a Heathen

This theme has popped up a few times this week, so I thought it worth a look. Apparently all the apologetics and convincing in all the world is another contradiction. God chooses you to be his servant, you cannot choose him. He will appear to you in some form or another and make you his believer. “Many are called, but few are chosen” (MT 22.14) and you were chosen and anointed even before you were even born. (Jer 1:5)When I hear Christians tell me that I was never truly converted or I would have never left, I just had to laugh. I was a “by the book” obedient servant, and called upon god daily, read the Bible and kept the commandments. Repented often, and he never came. I was a heathen, born to a religious family. I wasn’t called. Two of my brothers are heathens too, for they never felt god call them. They were smarter than me, and bailed young, but my parents were so proud of “the good son”, I couldn’t let them down. But I never felt it either. I had convinced myself, but no light came on. “Big day for a chosen servant of God comes when God reveals Himself to His servant for the first time and sends her/him. God comes Himself; He does not send anyone” Article Here. This is just one of countless Christian articles on this topic. So, until god shows up, you are all off the religious hooks, so to say, and I commend you for your goodness without god. And apologetics is pointless, proverbial bs, with the end game a predictable neurotheological response. In your head. This is another point to set one above the other with a smugness and a wink, “that you know”, and people do lie, and say they have felt it too because of peer pressure and personal inadequacy. A psychological card is played at this point. “But a natural man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God; for they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually appraised.” The natural man is the unbeliever. So the word of God is telling us, unbelievers cannot receive in and believe in the spiritual truths that lead to salvation. The spiritual truths include such things as Jesus dying for sin, Jesus being God in flesh, Jesus physically resurrected from the dead, etc. An unbeliever can understand the concept, but an unbeliever does not accept them and received them. So, if a person who claims to be Christian acknowledges these types of spiritual things, that is a sign of his regeneration. Only regenerated people are saved”. Anyone in the church care to admit they are not a saved one? Tell me I can’t understand until I believe, is a mind game to pad the rolls of the churches. Now that I have left, how can it possibly matter since I was never selected in the first place? “He may appear in His countenance or you hear His voice call and speak to you”. So until that happens… Adieu.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

33 thoughts on “Raised in Religion, Born a Heathen”

  1. Strangely enough the song on my radio right now is “Welcome to the Jungle” made me think, welcome to the mind fuck… Religion.

    It’s all one huge ass mind fuck that twists people into conformity with a near complete loss of self, replaced with doctrine and dogma. Welcome to the Religion Jungle. You will lose your mind, your self, your reason, your individuality. Resistance is more often than not, futile.

    How they twist that reality into love and togetherness is a true skill. A power too strong in the hands of the assholes in charge. And while I’m at it indoctrinating children into the cult is child abuse. Pure s and simple, ought to be a law against brainwashing children into a cult…

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    1. Indoctrinating fear into the littles is hoorible. Kids, guns, bibles, separation, isolation, mantras, rote memorization, song, and piety towards anyone different. Sounds like a POW camp.

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      1. Separation/isolation/mantras/rote memorizatons/happy jeebus loves you songs. Sounds like a damn cult with a prison camp/brainwashing system to me. That religious people would send their children to a place like that, with smiles on their faces, is horrifying. I mean someone notify Steven King scary.

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  2. Hahahahaha! Always loved this argument, this infinitely endless Catch-22 in Christian theology called Predestination vs. Free-will, or Calvinism vs. Arminianism. The Canonical Bible adequately teaches/supports BOTH in various ways and inside both the Old and New Testaments — again, in the CANONICAL Bible.

    That said, with regard to your post here Jim, is it possible that God has willed it for His good pleasure that YOU or someone in particular will not FEEL His calling until a few hours before your final breath? 🤩🤣


    1. Assuming this God of Abraham and Christ even exists AND is the God of the 4th-century CE Canonical Bible… what right do we EVER have to decide who is chosen and when!!!? 🤔😈 Bwahahahahahaha!!!

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    2. I think you are supposed to try like hell to be called, and in the end you accept it and hope you’re in. Acquiescence is a favorite word of mine. It’s the essence of Pascal’s wager

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    3. In Nam I got some pot from a ARVN solder but I think it was a snowgar. It parked me on my bunk and the next thing I know the battalion Top is doing his god thing up close an smelly. I must feel something like that.

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      1. One of our medic students fell asleep in the raft on the beach, drunk at the end of the float. He didn’t like the pictures of him getting teabagged by a big dude. He was traumatized beyond belief, and quit the program.


  3. Good post. I kinda think that…RING! RING! RING! Excuse me, my phones ringing. I’ll be right back……………..OK, I’m back. It was God. He called me to order a pizza. When I said I’m not a pizza delivery place, he apologized and hung up. So, I’ve been called by God. Am I saved?

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    1. Where does this insistence of gods total righteousness come from. Obviously we are better at managing our happiness than he is. “If” there was a god, we are created in his image, and I would suppose he is a lot like us, just a good science entity with a passion for making things. Why is that not on the table? Any ideas?

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      1. Interesting question. It seems humans possess some innate desire for a supernatural guardian to look after our needs. And now that we’re committed to developing AI there’s a strong possibility that robots will eventually become our new gods and masters. But that’s just my humble opinion.

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  4. I was a heathen, born to a religious family. I wasn’t called.

    Well, that explains that. For once, I got an answer from Christians that actually makes sense 😲 👀
    I was never called. Or called back, as it were. Left a couple of messages, but the big boss didn’t want me. I wish someone had told me that earlier, though.

    Errrrr. Now what? I get to embrace my heathen-ness, right? All Hail the Æsir!

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    1. Also- hashtag mental health issues. Hearing absent voices and hallucinating.
      Keeping it real and keeping it simple. No room for big college words and chit chatting around the bush. Drop it like a 4th grader so everyone can understand helps to leave out imagination.

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        1. No thank you, Sir. I’d like to devote my time to meaningful things like ensuring my bottom is thoroughly cleaned, or brush my teeth, maybe paint my nails, wash my hair, socialize with a neighbor, and most importantly, spend valuable time with my family being a daddy and husband.
          Usually the videos I watch are Doc Vader or Thug Life compilations. Humor.

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  5. Exactly. If you can’t beat em and would rather live in a coma if you join them. I’d rather push my old pickup 300 miles for some peace of mind and tranquillity.

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          1. At least these days when it goes to hell in a hand basket there’s a good chance to get last seasons Coach style at an outlet mall… or the preachers wife could afford full cost and not drive as far


  6. Ah, when I tried to be obedient I knew deep down that would be impossible. I’d be untrue to myself. I jumped through the LDS hoops and pretended to believe in hopes that I might have that moment to let me know I was chosen.
    I kept laughing at the rituals and asking a ton of questions along the way. That peppered with all the wtfs?! Then I was enlightened with the fact I suffered from chronic common sense.

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