The Other Creative Mel. Not Wild

It seems the name Mel is a trigger for creativity. Mel Blanc, the versatile, multi-voiced actor who breathed life into such cartoon characters as Bugs Bunny, Woody Woodpecker, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Tweety Pie, Sylvester and the Road Runner. In the 1960’s he also contributed to the Flinstones, and in that series he did the voices for both Barney Rubble, the dull-witted neighbor of Fred and Wilma Flintstone, and Dino, the Flintstones’ pet dinosaur. Quite a Wild array of voices.

The other Mel has his own array of cartoon characters in his supporting cast, that also breathes life into the make believe world of faith. How can you go wrong with the likes of InsanityBites, BrainYawn, ColorStorm, Wally, and of course, the main man himself Melvin Wild. While Mel only does his own voice, what comes out is an array of changing character roles and dogma, slipping down the slope to deism as his pet Brainyawn clings to his voiceovers like a parasitic twin mimicking the change as he attempts to keep up, memorizing the bias with the skill of a used car man.

And creativity? Wow!! Threads that confluence, eddy about, upstream, downstream, over the falls and back up again, all the wild is woven into a masterpiece of contradiction and code winks, reaching for the safety line of obscurity, in the belief that blanket vagueness will stop the easily defeated beliefs, that his god is the god, and still fail to explain the why.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

39 thoughts on “The Other Creative Mel. Not Wild”

  1. Accurate descriptions Jim. For me, right now, it is getting increasingly hard to justify ANY time and energy over there. It’s become obvious that his blog IS NOT really open to true stimulating discussions — he should just turn-off his comment section all together — which MUST include opposing viewpoints or even slightly varied viewpoints. But he doesn’t allow anything to even slightly disagree or challenge him. Therefore, if you feel you are always right, 100% of the time… turn-off comments! LOL ๐Ÿ™„

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    1. He doesn’t want to do that because he enjoys BrainYawn, Insanity, and an occasional other visitor telling him how WONDERFUL his posts are. Besides, I think he actually enjoys trying to put down the”nasty atheists.”

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    2. It is time for Mel to save himself, from himself. He is slogging with reprobates clinging to anything that will validate or agree with him. I believe Mel has a good heart, and has become a bit lost in the panic of faith crisis. He is a better man than his fears have let him become.

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  2. He probably does have a “good heart.” He’s probably a very nice man in the flesh. And, quite frankly, I can see why he ofttimes gets upset with JZ (sorry, John).

    Having said this, he DOES get a bit cantankerous around the edges at times when people challenge him. And VERY rarely does he start out with … “you have a good point, but have you considered …” It’s more like how misguided and/or ignorant the individual is … especially if he has identified the person as an atheist.

    I don’t know if you’ve ever visited the FindingTruth blog, but the guy who runs it (an atheist) gets all sorts of “believing” visitors and NEVER does he put them down. He simply diplomatically tells them why he thinks they’re wrong. I suppose it’s just like in “real life.” There are all sorts of personalities.

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    1. It’s unfortunate that the only ones that can agree with him at this point are not nice people. He is falling into the crowd he has attracted with his flailing grasp for some proof. He knows he’s got nothing, but he’s so convinced there is something out there he will go to extremes to try and find validation.

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    2. So true, Nan. Nate exhibits more “fruits of the Spirit” (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness) than any of the so-called Christians apologists.

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  3. Maybe it is time to exit stage left and close the door quietly behind?
    Let him and Branyan hold hands and feel smug. Perhaps it will give him time to reflect just how silly he is behaving?

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      1. Mel has got to the point where he has lost the plot.
        When Ben outlined the scenario regarding biblical hermeneutics and suggested there was something wring that only professional theologians had the capacity to interpret the text and they couldn’t agree either, he retorted that Ben had a fundamental misunderstanding of the bible!
        And we aren’t talking about the bible on this post, nor Jesus so please stay on topic …. *sigh*
        Even though Ben had been a devout up-to-his-eyeballs Christian for decades.

        He has Branyan as a cheerleader – a man who has a degree of mental illness in his family.
        Yes, that’s just the type of person you want on your team, right?

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          1. Personally, I’d be careful. You know what these ex-Crispyians are like? They could turn into a Mike Licona clone at any moment. Can’t trust ’em.


            1. Best to wear garlic or carry a picture of the Pope … as he is Catholic and not really a proper Christian, as you know. Any image of him usually scares the bejeebus out of proper Christians.


            2. I watched a Bart Ehrman/Mike Licona debate a while back. Very interesting to watch and frustrating at the same time. Watching Licona repeat the same thing over and over again in an attempt to sound right was rather annoying, especially after seeing Ehrman destroy his arguments.

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            3. Yes, I watched that as well.
              Remember Licona lost two jobs because of his stance on the raising of the saints in Matthew that he wrote about in his book a while back?
              Pissed of Norman Geisler and several other literalists who ensured he drummed out of his job.
              I seem to recall Licona got support from Lane Craig of all people!

              And yet, Licona believes the gospels were written by the designated names!
              With his type of thinking Licona is not much more a biblical scholar than Nobs like Strobel or Wallace.

              Debates such as the one between Licona and Ehrman tend to end up becoming pissing contests rather than genuine academic debate – fun for all the family!
              ”See the man called Ehrman,little Johnny? He’s really the devil in disguise.”

              I am actually surprised Licona hasn’t deconverted already.

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        1. It’s funny and it’s very obvious but they are self proclaimed Christians, but none seem to know what that is and are obviously deists from week to week.

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    1. I actually believe Branyan has brought to the surface much of what was behind Mel’s reason for conversion in the first place (as with a large number of adult converts and the born again types, I suspect).
      Not overtly; but the faint whiff of desperation that was always in his posts has become quite a stink these days.

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  4. My dear, this is not just a Mel thing. We have to suffer some neighbors and family members that are full of …the spirit ๐Ÿ˜’
    They love to create issues with the pretext that they want to know the opinion of atheists and are being completely disingenuous. Take for example one person who claims to be a good Christian and then posted an open question for atheists to describe god. I’m pretty sure he didn’t want an honest answer. He called it click bait for the C group.
    One member of the family who has the priesthood but his life has fallen to shit because he cannot or will not think for himself. He depends on scripture, prayers and knowing he has authority. We fall prey to them because we are more honest and open. Humble humanitarians vs pious over inflated egos. I am going to just be as matter of fact as they are next time around about my point of view.
    I have gone on Mel’s blog. I’m sure he really feels he is doing the right thing. But he’s being an ass to people and I’m sure his followers are maybe seeing him in a new light.
    I won’t comment on his blog because I wouldn’t give him that power of importance. He doesn’t seem honest and or worth talking to.

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    1. Very observant Gem. I will be in the mix to help Mel and support him during his transition from faith. He is already there, he just doesn’t admit it yet, but the courage will come.

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      1. Don’t get me wrong. If people want to believe and it helps them, that’s all well and fine by me. My issue is with those who claim to be religious and go against their teachings. We know who they are. The ones who yell out their love of the lord and yell out oh God while watching porn. The ones who claim the lord gave them wealth as they step over a homeless person on the street. Or my personal favorite, the one who was last to help pay for his mother’s funeral and when he did he paid with a gold coin. What an asshole. ๐Ÿ˜‚

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        1. The other side of the coin is this; “if people want to believe, and it helps them” sounds all good, but it isn’t helping us, when 70% of the population is focusing on a future that will never happen, and waste our time with bigoted division and piety, it matters. With The amount of time I spent reading religious bullshit I could have been a world renown physicist.

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