Synesthesia -The Religious Model

Synesthesia is a real condition of crossing senses. Someone may see a color that hurts their ears, while another may see numbers in different colors. It is an interesting phenomenon where senses cross neurons in visual/cerebral perception, and may attribute smells to pain, or shapes such as a triangle may physically perceptually be seen in yellow. Below is one example. A “normal” acuity would see all black, but a synesthesia patient may see green or red. .

And if a subject sees W’s as a color, this test takes less than a second.

Synesthesia is not only seen and present in religion, it is promoted. Seeing a cross can cause tears of pain or joy, hearing a lie can cause belief, and talking out loud followed by an amen, can fondle hope in religious subjects. But this type of behavior is learned, and once believed, it is tolerated.

While most synesthesics feel what they are seeing as normal , 98% of the population sees it as an enigma. To someone that believes in the supernatural god, it may seem natural or necessary, but it is not. But to the theist or the synesthesiac, it requires an outside observer to recognize the flaw.

Thousands of gods have dissipated into near oblivion. Where are they now? They are parked in the annuls and history books, but those from the time thought them to be immortal. While red may be a color, it also may have a smell. Whatever your eyesight tells your mind, deconversion has a sweet ring to it.


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Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

30 thoughts on “Synesthesia -The Religious Model”

      1. My pharma intake is limited solely to caffeine. But even so, it’s been this way since childhood. Other musicians claim they perceive musical tones as colors. Perhaps there’s some form of neural association between synesthesia and those who pursue artistic expression.

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        1. I’ve heard this before as well. Fascinating differences of perception and abilities. Be interesting to hear if others have unique abilities or different perceptions.

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  1. Colors have a flavor. Tastes have shapes. Some bright colored lights make loud noises for me. Are you insinuating that taking the sacrament bread and turning it into the body, and wine into blood is a sort of synesthesia?

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    1. Making connections that are beneficial to advancing talents and common good can not really be discredited or labeled good or bad, but when someone can live their life in search of something based on a lie that made them feel warm and fuzzy, that is self defeating and halts true progress. That kind of experience halts improvement because one thinks they have “it”, when that’s not the case at all. Not sure on your outer body connection. Elaborate?

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        1. Synesthesia is something that happens inside the person. I was just trying to link the sacrament connection as an out of the body sort of synesthesia. But I don’t think it works out as I was trying to explain.

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  2. …it requires an outside observer to recognize the flaw.

    Yes! And this is why it is ALWAYS wise to have a panel (or more) to hedge against bias, against error, against self-promotion (not self-esteem) or arrogance, and most importantly for higher refined objectivity. However, if you are consumed inside a constantly reaffirming environment and voices, never getting outside your “bubble,” how then will you ever learn there is more, MUCH MORE, different experiences you could’ve NEVER imagined… unless there is paralyzing fear.

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    1. That would require true believers to reach out and taste the forbidden fruit of knowledge. Tsk tsk. That’s a big no no. They are literally damned in every way possible because of fear and fail to see it. Rejection of new ideas or any type of growth keeps them stewing in their warm fuzzy bubble of ignorance.

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      1. As long as they keep teaching each other all the tricky horrible things that Satan/Evil will do to them if they step out, step BEYOND the protection of each other and the church, they’ll never quite understand. 🙂

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    1. If you ask a Christian to describe god they say he is light. What is light? From what I have learned it’s made of photons that carry energy. My question is can energy be intelligent?
      These are questions or statements that are not taught in church or Sunday school.
      You are correct Professor, they keep teaching that stepping out of bounds will lead to evil.
      The churches and pastors fear that they will lose money once their flocks can think for themselves.

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  3. I have a traumatic brain injury which left me with telling time in colors (purple day, etc) and seeing words coming out of people’s mouths (like cartoon balloons). My neuro told that it is common in brain injuries to have some sort of synesthesia. I said I guess we all become space aliens then.

    This goes to the eternal question of what is the brain doing and what is outside of the brain. i.e. is God (or Gods) real or is He (They) only brain burps. Polytheists like myself grapple with that a lot. How much do we perceive is just ourselves telling us stuff and how much is outside of us. We have various protocols to sort that out. Not everyone uses them and tend to think that the voices in their head (which is themselves) is telling them stuff that is from the Gods, which is not true.

    I have noticed that Christian religions do not have any protocols to sift through what is prophesy and what is someone’s brain telling what they want to hear. I would think that since Christianity and the other Monotheisms are revealed religions, that they would have all sorts of protocols. That doesn’t seem to be the case.

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    1. It is true. Nothing adds up in realty the way it is purported in scripture and prayer. That’s interesting you have telling time as a color. What time is it anyway? Oh, it’s blue 42, blue 42 Hut hut. You could be a quarterback now. Maybe that’s why they use color in the signals, from all the concussions. 😉How did you hurt your head?

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      1. I had a wall fall on me. It was improperly constructed and decided to let loose at the time I was shopping.

        It reaffirmed my belief in a random universe. Things just happen. No reason or rhyme – unless of course it arrives from making a bad decision or something.

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