Horace Eye

Although this is fairly new to me, I thought this quite interesting to think on, and wondered if anyone else has run across this. Deeply inspiring or convincing someone in such a way to cause conversion by apparent supernatural means, appears to have been understood by the Egyptians prior to our time. Conversion takes place when the senses are overloaded, and a feeling, many times indescribable, causes belief, faith, understanding or enlightenment. This can be done in several ways, through truth, through deception, lies, and medications, during emotional and traumatic experiences. Not sure if you’re aware of this, but there is a completely different realm of enlightenment associated with this, and it may be the sole source of spiritual awakening, thought, and inspiration. The Horace eye is nearly identical to the hippocampus of the human brain, and is composed of the five senses surrounding the pineal gland, which interprets light and darkness and houses serotonin as a precursor to secrete melatonin to regulate sleep patterns. Surely can’t cover all of this in a few minutes, but when thought of in this manner, spirituality takes on an entirely new spectrum. Rene Descartes believed the pineal gland to be the “principal seat of the soul, and the Egyptians used this story of Horace and the symbol to remind where enlightenment comes from, When activated, the pineal gland causes a sensation of euphoria and oneness, or wholeness. I have thought for some time now, the power that is called god, and the ability to spiritualize ourselves, likely comes from within. Neurotheology advances will surely be including this deep seated and mysterious part of the brain. In modern times, pineal calcification and atrophy are believed to be more advanced than in earlier times. Prior to pineal atrophy, I’m just imaging what might have been, when our pineal glands were larger and possible healthier. Still a lot to learn.


Author: jimoeba

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17 thoughts on “Horace Eye”

    1. I would certainly think so. Just a tweak in the physiology and you get great minds or a defect. It’s hard for me to say where your premonitions come from, but I’ve seen it work right on the money. Some people are definitely more in tune with the waves and electrical forces around us. But I wouldn’t call it god. Also, there was some mention of Egyptians using this to explore alternate dimensions and possible universes. Whether that’s real or in the head, not sure. It was also mentioned or explored in remote viewing programs but that’s all I know about that.

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  1. Sometimes, I feel that our ancestors believed in something else, not god. They knew what to look for and where, that’s where all that knowledge came from on which we based our assumptions. They say the scripts in the library of Alexandria had solutions to many of today’s problems and answers to most philosophical and psychological questions. But we burnt it to the ground.

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    1. I agree. I think things were much stranger than we can know back then. Just a small adjustment in physiology, or the accumulated knowledge was lost. True Alexandria burned, but it had also been in decline for quite some time. Would be interesting to catch a glimpse. Great comment sir

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    1. I remember Plutarchs account saying that Caesar burned his own ships, and caught fire to the library accidentally. But there are some differing accounts.


    1. Great read. Having exited the Mormon experience, it now looks so obvious this article is vey accurate. Pray to know if what you already believe is true, and you get the answers you want.

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  2. Very very intriguing Jim! I’m quite curious as to how our human neurology contributes to “divine visions,” sensations, hormonal fluctuations, etc, in conjunction with Peer-pressure/assimilation and the Placebo-effect. It is quite obvious that these things have been happening for many many centuries and millenia in different ways in different parts of the world… giving us all our “different versions” of God/gods. I hope to have more time to research this additional topic, if somehow you can provide another 3-4 additional hours to our 24-hour days? 😉 LOL

    Thank you for this post Sir!

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    1. Hormonal control is super obvious. 8 billion people now that no better, but can’t stop the hump. The gland controls the creature. To hell with selfish gene. Lol

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  3. Neurotheology. First time I have heard of that and I clearly need to know more on this. Could the god people have been looking for, be in our own brain? That would be a big anti climax

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