No Limits

Outside of the climbing community, you may have never heard of Brooke Raboutou. She is 17 now, and in the climbing world is a seasoned veteran. Before age 12 she had 7 world records and was among the top .001% of the climbing community.

Great achievements are fought for and won by pushing ahead, challenging the norms, and breaking through stereotypes and accepted rolls. Religion is the exact opposite. You can spend your entire life trying to prove some event happened in the past that is based on drip fed morals, gender restrictions, and denying ones self worth without a god. Or, you can blaze new trails, climb to new heights, explore new ideas, and make something great. Spending your life immersed in the faith of something that has proven to be a failure in advancing human kind is going away. Yes!

Here is a video Brooke did at age 11 when she already had 7 world record climbs.

And at at age 8 Video (3 min)

More on Climbing Grades


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

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