Atheism As A Side Job

We all have real lives and are real people. In our spare time we call out the contradictions of religion, its woes and deficiencies, while the minister is fighting for his livelihood.

There lies the chasm between reason and unreason. Who wouldn’t defend their business, promoting it as a competent force to make it the best it can be. Religion is a business the same as Taco Bell or Apple. If you knew the politics and civil wars in the Congo over tantalite deposits to build a smart phone, you would know why Samsung, Apple, and Google don’t promote that dirty side of the business.

The preachers do the same. Show the good stuff, and get one committed before the deep and dirty comes to the surface. We have come to depend on smart phones, so we look the other way. Religion is a business, and those that have invested in it will look the other way, because they see no other way to resolve the dilemma. Religion is as toxic as a Chinese landfill, and it’s tolerated poisons are overlooked due to invested time and money. Under this parklike setting sits the dirty remnants of a past religious shimmering light, but is nothing more than topsoil and grass covering mounds of miserable history, control, cover-up and cruelty.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

34 thoughts on “Atheism As A Side Job”

    1. Thanks Nan. That’s another contradiction too. They say one thing, but we see another. His followers say they love us too, but secretly want us burned alive at the end.

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  1. At least smart phones are useful in that they allow you to get in touch with others and find information to most queries. Religion, on the other hand . . . not so much.

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            1. Thanks Mary. Pretty easy to see the real thing after the blinders were taken off. Glad you are here as well. Thanks.


  2. I have heard Matt Dillahunty talk of this to help religious leaders get out of the pulpit and into other work. I read that you can not expect to change someone’s mind whose paycheck depends on them not doing so. I thought for a while that was Mel’s issue. I wish them the best because it has to rip a person up to preach and sell something they do not believe. Hugs

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      1. Well some religions have a great retirement plan with full medical, room and board. Hard to beat that today. And if you have given most of your adult life and are looking at losing your retirement, like most of us now, it would be a scary hard choice to make. You are one of the few who could stand on principle, most are not that strong I think. Hugs

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    1. In Kent Washington they have an old dump. They capped it and vented it and its called the flame by the locals. It’s been burning since I was a kid. Imagine it all going at once? 💥 💥 🔥


    1. Thanks. All the little things, catch phrases, doctrines, and beauty that is espoused by religious talk, is so obviously not the way it really is. My whole life was full of affirmation, but when you see the actual product, you wish religion had a lemon law. It has never been what it is said to be.

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  3. “Under this parklike setting, is the dirty remnants of the past, and religions shimmering light, is nothing more than topsoil and grass covering mounds of miserable history, control, cover-up and cruelty. ”

    Love this…great writing…excellent post
    I hope you are right that Christianity will fade, but then what of the others especially Islam? It’s even more entrenched.

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    1. In 1979 Islam took over a progressive and wonderful Iran, and drop kicked in back to the 14th century in a day. I’m hopeful the reversal will be just as fast. Most people don’t realize today what a fabulous and equal society it was. It can be again, and the others as well. We’ll see.

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        1. Interesting. As though outlawing it will make it go away. Underground and fearful is more like it, but it should fuel atheism if I think about it. Wow man. What a place to live. Disgusting.

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  4. “Religion is a business, and those that have invested in it will look the other way…”. Ah yes, I wonder how many pastors continue to do their work despite not believing anymore? Many of them probably don’t have other employment options if they’ve been pastoring for long enough.

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    1. For me it was a little different. It was a loss of friends, family members, and community. Just by not believing. I didn’t have a financial stake and a congregation. That would be a real pickle, but if integrity ruled, they’d call it like they see it. In their defense though, religion breeds insecurity And dependent thought. and doubt empowers or enslaves, whichever you choose.


        1. It’s an unpaid lay ministry in the whole church, so yes and no. I put in about 75 years worth of duties in my 50 years. Several callings at a time, some full time and others not. I’ll send you a link

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            1. Yep. And they lay it all on you with high expectations and lots of guilt if you don’t follow it along. I have a question. Are you covert atheist for a reason. You hiding it from family and friends?


            2. I am hiding it from my Christian friends, but some family and non-Christian friends know. I actually plan to ‘come out’ to the rest of them once I’ve moved house, as I’m looking for a new job which will almost certainly require me to move.

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