Dogs and Cats Work for Food

Obviously the title can be used in a dual sense, but I have a confession. Through no fault of my own, I have eaten dog and cat, and a lot of it too. I had no idea at the time, but back in the 80’s on Monday nights for a few years, my family would meet at a Chinese restaurant and have a little get together. The food was always good, and Monday’s were usually quiet for our gathering. One day I was watching the news, and there was our restaurant on the receiving end animal cruelty charges, with a dumpster full of dog and cat carcasses at the rear of the store. Apparently this had been going on for quite some time. It was too late to throw up, but I wished I could. Becoming aware of the situation changed everything. I was sickened by it and was obligated to never return.

Now imagine for a moment the church is a beautiful cake. One adorned with lavish decorations and frosting so smooth it looks polished. You hear many in the room talking about how perfect and wonderful it is, but as you cut into it, you find foreskins from murdered people, an eye, a tooth, some throwing stones surrounding a cross, and some parrot heads still beckoning you to eat. From a distance, the crowd still praising the baker, and inviting more into the room to experience the magical moment and witness this once in a lifetime masterpiece. From a distance, all you can see is the people surrounding, blocking from your view the disgusting display. Protecting you from seeing what lays just below the surface.

I dare every religious loyal to share the gospel from the inside out without explanation or excuse, and then see how many converts you have. I want you to indoctrinate your children with the murderous genocide, rape and oppression, instead of protecting their minds from these events with fakebelieve [sic] bible cartoons until they are old enough, and buried so far in it that they have no idea how to climb out. I know those topics don’t surface, because you know it’s wrong. Point out the obvious contradictions the churches display, instead of all is well during the divisive indoctrination. That would be the honest approach. When your favorite church is exposed as a cesspool, will you walk away, or keep eating because you keep hearing how wonderful it is? You are not obligated to return, but do what is right.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

45 thoughts on “Dogs and Cats Work for Food”

          1. ”Very little meat”?
            Does this mean you only eat such things as small mice and hamsters, or do you cook a huge frakking steak or whole chicken and just nibble the edges?

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  1. Jim what we consider OK to eat is in large part due to our culture. Ark asked a while ago how we could justify eating cattle, sheep , and goats but think eating our friends the dogs and cats horribly wrong. Well I can only say I grew up on family farms. We cared for the animals we raised, yet we ate most of their kind. Not the dogs and cats because that was not our culture. I do not know if eating meat is wrong. I do know how we raise and treat animals has a right and proper way. None of the animals on our farms were mistreated. I know today that is not true with factory farms that are inhuman businesses. But back to culture. I grew up on farms. Some people grow up in a religion. It is hard to see any flaws with something you have always done until it is pointed out to you. I think eating water creatures is gross. I can not eat shellfish due to allergies, I do not eat fish, clams, eels, or octopus and would be sick trying. But the meats of land animals seemed perfect fine and just the way it was. I imagine the same is true of what faith you grow up in, other faiths seem strange and yucky, your own is just the normal way it should be. IMO. Just a thought. Hugs

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            1. I think Scottie has a valid point, though: what you consider “gross” or taboo is really a cultural thing. I remember reading about a tribe that “honors” its dead by eating the corpse.

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            2. I would not could not eat from a lab, no human flesh upon my tab, not here nor there not anywhere, i would not eat them my friend Ron, not now not ever man that’s just wrong.

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            3. Only hidden in some Chinese food I guess. We sponsored some Cambodian refugees around 1980. I came home from school one day and Hang Chai had cooked dinner using all the canned dog food out of the cupboard. I recognized the smell right away. Tyrells Red Label. Never forget that. But even after we told them what it was he was super embarrassed. He spoke 7 languages but no English. Take nothing for granted


            4. As a former farm and rancher, I was accustomed to raising and preparing all my own food. Hunting every year and killing things was just the way it was. Rabbits, deer, chickens, pigs, all of it. I can’t do it any more. It doesn’t settle well, but if there was a real need, fine. But we know better now and have changed our ways 179 degrees.


            5. No problem. Although I don’t eat meat, I don’t judge those who still do. But I do think poorly of the factory farming that sustains the meat industry and those who waste food.

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            6. I worked for a rancher that was really mean to everything. I left. There is a better way and cruelty to the dumb animal is telling of your character.

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            7. “He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.”
              ~ Immanuel Kant

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            8. I’ve always believed you could judge the core that way. There is significant data out there linking animal cruelty and murderers. One thing I despise, and really only one thing, is how the animals are treated in Latin America. Disgusting on a pretty big level. There are shelters and good hearted people too, but they really need it in a big way. Just dumb and traditional that way.


    1. Thank you. The obvious is not so obvious when you learn as a child to excuse all the shady parts as gods wisdom. But when you see it for what it is…. it’s bad. Really bad.

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      1. From a young age many of us are taught that what we’re being taught about god and the bible can not be wrong and can not be doubted. This makes it hard to even form questions in your mind about it. I felt “bad” inside when I questioned things in Catholic school because…it was wrong to question absolute truth. When I first realized I was an atheist, and always, deep down, had been one, I was afraid to use the word. It felt “dirty”, “evil”, and wrong because of the programming I had received growing up. I had this voice inside saying, “OK, so you don’t believe. That’s fine, but don’t say ‘atheist’. It’s like saying you’re a Nazi.” The word felt bad to me, and I felt that way every time I said it–for a while any way. Now, not only do I feel super comfy telling folks I’m an atheist, I also feel completely comfy telling ’em I eat Christian infants for supper every night. 🙂 Very, very hard to overcome what we learned as kids about our religion, but for those who take the time and make the effort to do so, a much better world awaits which is free of the blithering nonsense in the bible and other “sacred” religious babble. $Amen$

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  2. When I suggested that my old church should switch up their menu a bit to attract some new customers, they didn’t go for it. They said that their food was just fine. So it was the same menu year after year. If you didn’t like it, too bad. “Eat it or beat it” was their motto.

    Everything worked out okay for me though. My tastes have certainly changed quite a bit since then and the thought of ever eating there again truly makes me sick.

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      1. I do follow her. I read part of her post on my break at work. I’m going to finish it now. Haven’t read many posts today. Long day of work then an unexpected nap on the couch. Just catching up now.

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            1. Finishing reading the comments now. Professor Taboo always has great insight. Makes me think. Something I didn’t do too much back in my church days.

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