Who Are You Really? Real de a Ocho

Of what mind am I? How many people are living a conditioned life that is not really them? I have been thinking about this very topic a lot lately, and very few know how to identify who they really are outside of groupthink doctrines and dogmas. Look at our political alignments. Social media is very telling about this, as there are only two ways presented and fought over. Whenever I see this, I remember something I learned many years ago from a professor I admired. Whenever you are given two choices, they are usually both wrong. This deceptive technique has numbed the minds of the masses. What party are you? What religion are you? Coke or Pepsi? Both are cans full of chemicals designed to taste good, but are unhealthy. Do you ever listen to music from other countries? Much of the best stuff never gets heard because we are marketed and influenced at every turn, and individuality is usually styles between two or three choices. Who are we really, without the news, the preachers, and the marketers? Breakthroughs are usual arduous and painful. Self awareness and growth must, at some point be achieved away from the influencers and the noise, and in the quiet of your own mind. Religions remind me of the old Spanish “pieces of eight”, or Real de a Ocho. All pieces come from the same coin, are made of the same material. While very old, some of these are in better shape than others and considered more valuable, but they are still coins. And when a choice is placed before you, it very likely two sides of the same coin. While one may be slightly better than the other, we are typically given two wrong choices, and forced to pick sides, when we’d rather not choose at all. I’m tired of taking sides.

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24 thoughts on “Who Are You Really? Real de a Ocho”

  1. Holy crap, do I ever know and loathe a f*cked up binary life and belief-system when EVERYTHING around you that is non-human SCREAMS otherwise!!! Grrrrrrrr. 😡

    A poignant, profoundly true post Jim. 👍

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  2. Sadly in life sometimes your choices are simply one or the other. A limited either or choice. What we do when this happens, what we are willing to sacrifice to make the higher choice, what we are willing to give up to achieve the greatest good, that is what will define who we really are. Hugs

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    1. I know how you feel about this Scottie, but so many times later in life we realize there was another option, a better way, or even your own way. Like Fuller said, he was able to do, a poor man with a wife and baby, what governments, wealthy, and religions could do. Not everyone has the same talents, but if I were Scotty, I would figure out who I am outside of left or right, and make it known. I know you have a goodness about you that can benefit us all. That is the you I see. That is the you that will force a change. And this goes for all of us. I love you brother. Thanks for chiming in with you goodness.

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      1. I think you may be misunderstanding me Jim. Or I misunderstood your post. When there are options beyond binary they deserve and should be investigated. I simply say that not all choices have that option. When there is not a choice but A or B we have to be prepared to pay the price and take the choice we may not want to but is the better choice for the greater good. Thanks Jim, be well. Hugs

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        1. I agree completely. We choose the lesser evil of two wrong ways. I think we are saying the same thing. What’s wrong. Washington weather this year! That’s my problem. Florida?

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          1. Weird weather here. For days hot as heck, but nice. We even got some rain. THen boom, woke up this morning to 58 degrees. Hugs


            1. We do not get the temperature and other weather changes you do. It is easier for us as unless it is a real downpour of rain we are not stuck inside. Be well, and soon you will have summer. Hugs


    2. Hey Scottie! (Have I ever mentioned how much I adore your name?)

      You’re right of course that sometimes there are only bad options, and we have to pick the one least unpalatable to us. But we’re also often so conditioned to think in black/white or left/right ways, we don’t realize there are a thousand other paths available. Or that we have the option to make one.

      If there’s a fork in the road… take it.

      what we are willing to give up to achieve the greatest good, that is what will define who we really are

      Nail. Head.

      Hugs right back 😉

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    1. We can have rules to live within for sure, but not blinded by religious division. Most of tradition has no moral value, but judging others private behavior has religious roots. And they’re deep.

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      1. Nobody is ready to accept reforms. Anything that never changes with time either kills or gets killed. Sadly, the former is rampant today. I’ve personally tried to convince people that some practices aren’t practical and oppressive. Didn’t work.
        We need another renaissance movement.

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    1. Thank you Esmeralda. I have to write a lot since someone else I know doesn’t post very often. When you finish your editing, maybe you could look at something for me?

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  3. Yeah the two political parties always struck me as wrong for the U.S. I’m of the camp that says government should be neutered to some degree. Make them work at it. Sort of like Italy where there are multiple parties in their legislature – to get anything done you have to form coalitions. Imagine what the U.S. would be like were that the case.

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    1. Same in Panama. Five parties have a legitimate chance to win. The government is highly mixed. Last presidential election a total underdog unseated the ruling party, and that is not unusual. Juan Carlos Verella beat an incumbent party favorite, but get this, Varella was the Vice President to the old president, but from a different party and ideology altogether. Very interesting and the elections are filled with hope because everyone has a chance.

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