Some of you interested in building, Here are 5 houses I’ve completed in order

Panama House. 71 Camino Riosalto

And this last one is hard to get a pic since it’s nestled in the trees.

I didn’t build the garage. I had that done just before winter.

And here’s the house I just started for my daughter and her family. They are moving up here to the in June!’ Happy

And this sits on a basement.

Floor then the door Monday. It’s coming along.


Author: jimoeba

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27 thoughts on “Houses”

          1. I just had myself a good laugh. I read this comment with some mild dyslexia. I thought it said hard on collider. I read it again and had a nice chuckle at my own stupidity. Seriously though, if you are making a hard on collider, I don’t think you should tell Professor Taboo about it.

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    1. No. The apartment in the shop will be done to live in, and the house will be done in late august I hope. They are moving out here in a month


      1. My old man was always knocking things down and redesigning our home. He was very good at this stuff – not in your class, but he knew his way around a cement mixer and trowel.
        My forte in this area tends to be falling off things – ladders, chairs etc.
        I have a reputation you see. My daughter keeps threatening to follow me around with a video camera. She reckons we could make money on Youtube.
        You can imagine I don’t share her enthusiasm for such a project and am always suspicious when she reminds me of the outstanding handyman type jobs that need doing.

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          1. Oh yeah, just up my ally … not!
            I once painted the roof of a house we lived in and to stop me falling off I tied a long length of rope around my waste and secured the other end to the burglar bars on the other side of the house.
            Well, it was inevitable I would slip at some point … and did … and found myself hanging off one side of the house with just my toes able to reach the neighbours’ pre fab wall.
            I tried to call for help but the real problem was I had tied a bloody slip knot and it pulled so tight I had no breath to cry out.
            It was only by chance my wife passed by the small kitchen window and saw me dangling and mouthing ”help”

            I swear I could write a book of things like this … but I won’t.

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            1. That’s awesome. Glad you’re still with us. I wouldn’t know where to turn for crass humor and common sense. That’s why they teach the bowline knot. 🙂 Up through the rabbit hole, round the big tree; down through the rabbit hole and off goes he.

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  1. Outstanding Jim. My hubby Ron loved to get a home, renovate it, and sell it to move on to the next one. I hated it. Then we bought this one and he started again. Now after taking the walls out and rebuilding it for a third time he says this is his last. Once this is done he says he will not redo it again. I think he will get bored and think “hey if I just move this wall or change that window it would be better” and off we will go again. Over the years I have bought him so many tools he can’t even find them all. He can not decided if he wants all electric tools, all battery tools or all air driven tools, so he has a bunch of each. We have so many different batteries and chargers in the shed I am sure we will short out the electric there. Again your homes are grand. Hugs

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      1. A few years ago I researched and then found in the Northern tool company a radial arm drill press. It was a monster. But he had been talking a lot about how he needed a good drill press he could do all these things on. Yes It was expensive, it was the top of the line they had. I was so proud when it was delivered. Ron moved it into his shed, set it up, and it is still there today , the spot he puts stuff and hangs stuff on. I don’t think he has ever turned it on. I have never heard him say he used it, but I know when I go to the shed I can find shop lights hanging off it, and other stuff on the big drill base. I think if he wanted to use it to drill something he would have to spend the day cleaning it off first. Hugs

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