Rubidium is an alkali metal with an atomic weight of 85.4678. The half life of rubidium is 49 billion years, meaning it will take approximately 3 times longer for it to be worth half its value, than the universe itself is old. The universe has been dated by multiple disciplinary studies at 13.799 billion years old, +/- 20 million years has been the consensus of averages. Using observations of decay rates and math, we see how old each element is and can project its duration.

Through new research techniques, rubidium was discovered in 1861 using flame spectroscopy. Prior to then it was unknown. It was found by two men that used multiple techniques to imitially detect and name the unknown element just by looking. -Enter Religion.

Religion has a known objective. Discovering god has been a focus of more people than any other project in the history of the world, Billions of people, including scientists, have sought evidence of god and have come up empty. -Nothing. Yet we can easily find many other elements that were unknown, just by looking. Imagine for a moment that those billions of searchers, were actually applying themselves to reality? Where could we go? Advances have only begun recently, by very few people, pressing forward in spite of religion, and will continue to do so. Religion has had its day and failed. Time to move on to making this world a better world without time waning failed religious oppression.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

27 thoughts on “Rubidium”

  1. ‘Religion has had its day and failed. Time to move on to making this world a better world without time waning failed religious oppression. ‘ – Well said that man! I also did not know about Rubidium, so thank you for that wee extra sir.

    – Esme nodding and jotting things down upon the Cloud

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      1. Human brains, as they’ve apparently evolved the last 200,000 years, are very, VERY good at mental games and denial for one simple reason…

        Survival has always meant “fitting in” even if gaining entrance/acceptance was deluded, grossly distorted, or flat-out wrong. Like many species on this planet, we need each other more than being right or truthful. 🙂 😦

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        1. What a point. Perfect and makes sense. Just like ontology and classical Christianity. Diving so far into unexplainable nonsense that no one can refute it it’s so silly. -Mel

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  2. Billions of people, including scientists, have sought evidence of god and have come up empty. -Nothing.

    Well Sir, there’s several around these parts that would VEHEMENTLY disagree with you! One particular, strong, OVERWHELMING proof of God — the Christian God to be exact — is the reliable Ontological argument… as touted by our favorite Pastor from Wisconsin!🤭🤪

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      1. HAH!!! So true… you stole those words right outta Jerry Jones didn’t you? He has always told the media that… every chance he gets. He LOVES being on camera, being interviewed, and I’m quite sure that he has worked a contract with Fox Sports to be “shown on the TV screen” a minimum of 5-times in every Dallas Cowboys football game! I shit you not.

        Does this megalomania remind you of anyone else by chance? LOL 😆

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          1. Hahahaha! 🤣 Yep.

            I’m no longer a die-hard Cowboys fan for one simple reason… how Jerry Jones treated Tom Landry, Tex Schramm, their dynasty of integrity they built with the likes of Roger Staubach, Randy White and many other HOF players, i.e. Quality product on the Field — “America’s Teams” — and then the blockbuster trade of Herschel Walker (that Landry & Schramm snatched up from the USFL) which saw the subsequent acquisition of Emmitt Smith, Alvin Harper, Darren Woodson, and Russell Maryland in addition to the Schramm brilliance of Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin! HOLY FREAKIN’ SHIT!!! 😮 That’s why it is now called “The Trade of the Century!” Coach Jimmy Johnson has been the ONLY good thing that Jerry Jones has ever done for the Cowboys.

            Then the moron named Jerry Jones goes and fucks up his relationship with not only Jimmy Johnson, but later Bill Parcels too!!! That was my breaking point right there! I’ve hated Jones ever since. But hey… you know what?

            The Cowboys “brand” and multi-billion dollar AT&T stadium has made Jerry richer, and richer, and richer at the expense of some 20-yrs now of mediocrity on the field — barring the acquistion of Dak Prescott now, of which Jerry’s sons were mostly credited for. Geeeezzzz, I wish this arrogant prick-of-a-megalomanic would just die already. 😡😞

            Care to hear how I REALLY feel about Jerry Jones? LOL 😛

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          2. Apologies for going off on that tangent Jim, but it is sort of relevant of the Black-Hole people, citizens, crowds, fans of one super-arrogant, megalomaniac, and self-absorbed narcissist… allow if they “jump on the Band Wagon” without thinking first and doing the necessary homework/background check on a man!!! The prime example of this chaos is who we now have in the White House!!! 😩

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            1. Yeah, drama, melodrama, and Madonna… hell, Jerry would sell his Momma too if it made him richer than too rich — thanks to idiot Cowboys season ticket-holders here. I’d rather watch the Kardashians now, if I’m perfectly honest. LOL 😄

              No! I’m totally joking about watching any Kardashians. 😉

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    1. Whoa. I hope it lasts till the Millenium. Why would God need to create something so enduring when the whole thing just has a 6000 year working model. That’s incoherent, vapid talk John.

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      1. I know 🙂 But freaking amazing nonetheless. 19 quintillion years. Imagine the conversations going on inside that bad boy

        Proton 1: Hey…

        Proton 2 [a billion years later]: Hi…

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            1. Well since the main use of the element is in peptobismo it definitely it could be used in the afterlife too. And apologetic dribble should come to a standstill.

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  3. That’s is pretty amazing to think about. Eventually we’ll get them to talk. What a story. After 17 exayears I’d probably lose my concentration and it would have to start over. 🙂

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